About Us

KHANDBAHALE.COM { k9e.co } is a digital platform for multilingualism. Over a decade, we have provided hundreds of multilingual products and services across multiple platforms on multiple devices includes PC, web, smart-phone, tablet and SMS in 22 Indian regional languages. We are proud to be worlds #1 multilingual resource for Indic languages, which impacted over hundred million lives globally. Our goal is to empower individuals for second language acquisition by providing innovative technology tools and to help businesses to connect with their customers by providing localization 'l10n' and internationalization 'I18N' consulting.

Mission : 'Breaking Language Barrier'

United Nations report 2016 reveals language as a major barriers to inclusive development because 40% of the world’s population does not have access to education in a language they understand.

Sunil Khandbahale shares with us his fascinating journey from being unable to understand English as a young student, to creating a series of digital dictionaries to empower people just like him -- a tool now being used by over 100 million users in 150 countries.