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മലയാളം | Malayalam

অসমীয়া | Assamese

Weaver ants or Green ants are genus of Oecophylla. they are known for their remarkable cooperative behaviour used in nest construction. They like to stay in a colonial life. Oecophylla weaver ants vary in color from reddish to yellowish brown dependent on = আমৰলি | আমৰলিthe part of the woven cloth on the loom which is within reach for the extended hands of the weaver hand = কোহালি | কোহালিThe long pin on which the weaver's quill revolves in the shuttle. = গেৰেলী-কাঠী | গেৰেলী-কাঠীThe long pin on which the weaver's quill revolves in the shuttle. = গেৰেলী-মাৰি | গেৰেলী-মাৰিA part of hand loom where weaver push her foot to cross the threads to weave = গৰকা | গৰকাA device used by the weaver to prepare and wound eri silk from cocoon. It is in the form of a stick; one side of which is equipped with a circular piece of wood or zinc. = টাকুৰী | টাকুৰীA part of hand loom which holds the reed and with which weaver beat the thread to make cloth = দোলপটি | দোলপটিa cylindral implement made of bamboo used by weavers = ব-চুঙা | ব-চুঙাAccording to literary sources during the 1560's Prince Chilarai, the brother of the Naranarayan,the king of Coch Bihar asked Sankardeva to oversee the weaving of a great silk scroll, depicting the early life of Krishna. Sankardeva commissioned the weaver = বৃন্দাৱনী বস্ত্ৰ | বৃন্দাৱনী বস্ত্ৰA wooden arrangement used by the weaver upon which yarn or thread is wound. One side of it is larger than the other side and both the sides are capped with tin. Sometimes, a piece of reed or small bamboo may also be used. = মহুৰা | মহুৰাThe long pin on which the weaver's quill revolves in the shuttle. = মাকো-শলা | মাকো-শলাA round and long bamboo pins/stick used by a weaver. = শৰকাঠী | শৰকাঠী