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Global Language Networking

Global Language Networking 

Universal integration through Language Exchange leading towards World Peace through ICT. 


The question of 'International Integration' is always a burning issue at every international summit conference. In the era of 'Globalization', world has come closer. The concept of "Global Village' has been evolved into reality. But, the need of 'International Integration' has emerged like never before. Diplomats are trying their best. However, the efforts have not adequately addressed the issue. 'Global Language Networking' project addresses the issue of 'Universal Integration' with special attention to 'Cultural Exchange'


"Language is not just a medium of expression, but also an instrument of cultural exchange."


Language barrier is the key challenge in international trade and communication. Language barriers also influence migration & international education for students. Despite of the globalization, cross-culture societies are separated by language barriers. Traditional tools of learning a new language require an investment of much time and effort. 'Global Language Networking' is a mission to create user friendly avenue to inter-connect all languages for seamless cross-languages translation - in order to happen easy exchange of multilingual information. 

Ongoing Work

KHANDBAHALE.COM in close association with renowned universities of the world is working together with individual linguists and institutions to compile extensive vocabularies of diverse languages in diverse domains. Thousands of volunteers across the globe are busy collecting words, idioms, phrases, synonyms, antonyms, definitions of each language. Hundreds of linguist & experts are helping us to compile them to exact meanings & their usage in multiple languages. Dedicated brains of KHANDBAHALE.COM and free lance IT engineers are engaged with painstaking efforts of developing and delivering advance language learning tools on various platforms. 


Over a decade, we have developed essential language learning tools such as dictionaries online & offline in 11 languages. Our unique products & services are holding more than 20 million satisfactory users from 150 countries and adding thousands of new users daily. Software(s) for Computer & Laptop, Applications for Mobile Phones & Tablet pcs, Services on web & through SMSing technologies are made available to access & download via - world's most favoured website for language reference.

Proposed Work

-         To computerize all major languages of the world in textual & audio format.

-         To compile & develop language learning tools compatible to multiple platform.

-         To deliver contents online & offline with highly efficient technological support.


As of 2012, world is counting over 6 billion mobile subscribers, 1 billion computer users, 120 million tablet users, 2.5 billion Internet Users with increasing usage of broadband & 4G connections especially from rural areas. Considering impact of technological revolution worldwide, 'Global Language Networking' project can credibly contribute for 'Universal Integration through Language Exchange' leading towards World Peace through Information & Communication Technology (ICT).