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Dalbergia sissoo, is an erect deciduous tree, native to the India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. It is also called Sissoo, Sisu, Sheesham, Tahli and Indian Rosewood. It is primarily found growing along river banks. Dalbergia sissoo belongs to eguminosa in Assamese

damaged rice grains with non-edible hard materials inside the husk in Assamese

damaged rice grains with only the outer covering and no edible grain inside in Assamese

Damodardeva, was a Brahmin disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva who caused the first fissure in the Vaishnava movement in Assam, when he moved away from the main body led by Madhabdeva to form the Brahman-samhati, soon after the death of the Mahapurush. He fou in Assamese

danger on both sides in Assamese

darkness caused by cloud in Assamese

Dasaratha in Hindu mythology is the king of Ayodhya and a descendant of Raghuvamsa. He is the father of Lord Rama, the heroic prince who is considered an avatar of Vishnu in the epic Ramayana. in Assamese

Dashavatar, the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, were meant for establishing ‘dharma’, whenever ‘adharma’ occurs. in Assamese

Daughter of Draupada, king of Panchala, and wife of the five Pandavas in Mahabharata in Assamese

daughter of King Dasharath, who was adopted by King Lompad in Assamese

dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent. characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance in Assamese

dean of the faculty of arts of a university. in Assamese

dear, close to devotees; something that devotees believe and like. in Assamese

dearer than one`s own life in Assamese

Death by drowning, that is failed to breath under water. in Assamese

death occurring not due to natural causes in Assamese

death of a person at an early age or at an unexpected time in Assamese

decided about what and how to do a task in Assamese

decided beforehand what to do and how to do about a task. in Assamese

decision, rule, practice etc. which do not seem to be based on a reason or system, e.g. language is arbitrary. in Assamese

declaration given before the police or magistrate regarding witness or involvement in a legal or criminal case in Assamese

Declaration of an intention to punish or hurt if an order etc. is not obeyed in Assamese

Declare as untrue or non existant in Assamese

decorated in a way that makes something attractive or pretty in Assamese

decrease in eye-sight due to age; Inability of the eye to focus sharply on nearby objects, resulting from loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens with advancing age in Assamese

dedication of oneself to a chosen path or pursuit. in Assamese

deep and wide as the ocean (usually refers to knowledge of somebody) in Assamese

Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. in Assamese

deep fried piece(s) of vegetable or vegetable leaf covered with besan (gram flour)used as a fast food served with a main dish or tea. in Assamese

Deep red colored flower of a banana plant. It is eaten as food in many parts of the world including Assam. in Assamese

deep regret or guilt for something one has done wrong. in Assamese

deep sorrow, compunction, or contrition for a past sin, wrongdoing, in Assamese

deeply associated with (something) in Assamese

deeply engrossed or absorbed. in Assamese

defending or protecting from disease or infection, as a drug in Assamese

deficiency or lack of light in Assamese

deficient in curiosity; not interested in knowing about something in Assamese

deficient in taste, often having sexual reference in Assamese

definite article , Used before singular or plural nouns and noun phrases that denote particular, specified persons or things. (the book, the man) in Assamese

Deliberate damage to productive capacity, esp. as a means of political defiance in Assamese

deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property in Assamese

deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression in Assamese

Deliverance from the power or penalty of sin, redemption. in Assamese

delivered privately by a person, hand to hand in Assamese

demanding considerable effort or skill in Assamese

democratically elected head of government (ministers) of an state in Assamese

Denotes a person or thing; use to indicate the person/object which is nearer. in Assamese

Denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units. in Assamese

denying a debt or trying to avoid a debt return in Assamese

Deodar or Debadaru; is a species of cedar native to the north-central Himalayas of India (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kashmir), Tibet and western Nepal, occurring at 1500-3200 m altitude. It is a evergreen tree. The leaves are needle-like. Reaching in Assamese

Deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic material in the nuclei of all cells. Chemically it is a polymer of deoxyribonucleotides; the purine bases adenine and guanine, and the pyrimidine bases thymidine and cytidine, linked to deoxyribose phosphate. The sugar-p in Assamese

Depart hurriedly or furtively or escape esp. in order to avoid arrest in Assamese

Department managing public funds and revenue of a state or a place for these purposes in Assamese

dependent on each other in Assamese

depending on a condition or conditions. in Assamese

depending on money or wealth; accomplishable by money. in Assamese

Depending on the response of the market forces. in Assamese

Deplorable condition of a house where rain drops to the floor through the holes in the roof; such kind of poor condition. in Assamese

depressed or discouraged by the failure of ones hopes or expectations in Assamese

Deprive of courage and confidence in Assamese

deprived of or losing all property or possession in Assamese

descent to a lower position or standing in Assamese

Describes a method of storing, processing and transmitting information through the use of distinct electronic or optical pulses that represent the binary digits 0 and 1. Digital transmission/switching technologies employ a sequence of discrete, distinct p in Assamese

describes a shape whose sides are all the same length in Assamese

describes language, clothes and behaviour that are serious and correct in Assamese

description in the form of a story, novel. in Assamese

description of events, especially in story, novel or poem in Assamese

Descriptive spoken account of an event or performance as it happens in Assamese

deserted or unoccupied homestead. in Assamese

deserving of scorn or disdain. in Assamese

deserving or inspiring admiration or approval in Assamese

designating or pertaining to animals, as fishes and reptiles, whose blood temperature ranges from the freezing point upward, in accordance with the temperature of the surrounding medium in Assamese

designating or pertaining to animals, as mammals and birds, whose blood ranges in temperatures from about 98° to 112°F (37° to 44°C) and remains relatively constant, irrespective of the temperature of the surrounding medium in Assamese

designed to be useful or serving a purpose rather than being beautiful or attractive in Assamese

Desire for something what is impossible to achieve. in Assamese

destined to happen; free from doubt as to the reliability, character, action, etc., of something in Assamese

Destitute of the sense of seeing, either by natural defect or by deprivation; without sight. in Assamese

Destroy by fire undergoing combustion. in Assamese

Destroyed completely, as if down to the roots. in Assamese

Detailed examination of a process in Assamese

details about someone's life, job and achievements. in Assamese

details of one's family and ancestry. in Assamese

detected or perceived by the sense of hearing in Assamese

Detention in one's own house, not in prison in Assamese

development of industry in a large scale in Assamese

deviated from what is normal or accepted in Assamese

Device or structure in an organ that control flow through a tube, esp. allowing movement in one direction only in Assamese

Devices used for preventing pregnancy in Assamese

Devoid of activities. Not functioning or operating; out of use. in Assamese

devoid of dirt or impurities in Assamese

devoid of hair or feathers in Assamese

Devoid of noise or movement in Assamese

Devoid of or deficient in light or brightness. in Assamese

devoid of protection, care, nurser in Assamese

devoted to attainment knowledge in Assamese

devoted to austere or severe meditation in Assamese

devoted to study; spending a lot of time studying and reading in Assamese

devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food. in Assamese

Devprayag is the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers, from where Bhagirathi named Ganga. Devprayag is a small town and a nagar panchayat in Pauri Garhwal District in the state of Uttarakhand, India. in Assamese

diet which causes harm to the patient or increases the ailment in Assamese

different classes according to common traits and characteristics in Assamese

Different from the general condition in Assamese

differing radically from one another in Assamese

Difficult or impossible to measure in Assamese

Difficult to be known or understand. in Assamese

Difficult to be performed for lack of practice. in Assamese

difficult to break due to strong and thick covering in Assamese

difficult to move, not elastic in Assamese

difficult to ride upon or ascent in Assamese

difficult to understand or not clear in Assamese

Difficulty in digesting food in Assamese

Dihanaam is a type of congregational prayer sung by women in Assam in praise of the Assamese saint Sankardev. Instruments like the Negera, taal, khol and also hand-clapping is used in it. The songs are derived from Vaishnava religious scriptures like Kirt in Assamese

diluted milk mixed with water, usaully given to people/children with digestion problem. in Assamese

diminishing or reducing pride in Assamese

Dinosaurs were the dominant vertebrate animals of terrestrial ecosystems for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous period (65 million years ago), when most of them became extinc in Assamese

Dioscorea aculeata; the root is of a sweetish taste and it is cultivated in India. The tubers are dug, in the cold season and taken as a food. in Assamese

dip into water or some fluid in Assamese

Diphtheria is a neck disease, the upper respiratory tract illness characterized by sore throat, low fever, and an adherent membrane on the tonsils, pharynx, and/or nasal cavity. It is caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, an aerobic Gram-positive bacteri in Assamese

Dipping tobacco, also known as moist snuff or spit tobacco. It is an acting of dipping or packing a lip with a small clump of tobacoo is 'pinched' out of the tin and placed between the lower lip and the gums. commonly referred to as dip while the act of in Assamese

Direct into a position for use. in Assamese

direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process in Assamese

Direct the course, determine the direction of travelling or goal. in Assamese

directed toward the center in Assamese

Directly facing each other so as to compete. in Assamese

dirt accummulated on the skin surface in Assamese

dirt produced on clothes by the use of oil. in Assamese

Disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings. in Assamese

Disagreeing the truth or existence of a thing in Assamese

disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings in Assamese

disapproved by pointing out faults or shortcomings in Assamese

discomfortable or lacking of confidence in association with others in Assamese

Discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation. in Assamese

Discovered or determined by scientific observation and certainty. in Assamese

Discuss the terms of a sale persistently in Assamese

disgrace or tarnish (a reputation etc) in Assamese

disguise under a feigned appearance, a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain in Assamese

disgust caused by excess. in Assamese

disinclination to work or exert oneself in Assamese

disinclined to work in Assamese

disinterested, having no interest in reward or outcome in Assamese

Dislike or aversion for something in Assamese

dispersing in different directions in Assamese

display in an attractive way in Assamese

display unit of a machine in Assamese

disposed or inclined to revenge in Assamese

disposed to preserve prevailing conditions Opposing change in Assamese

disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome in Assamese

disposition of troops in various ways for war in Assamese

Distance of a place east or west from a given meridian. In 1884, the International Meridian Conference adopted the Greenwich meridian as the universal prime meridian or zero point of longitude. in Assamese

Distant by a given number of degrees of descent or kinship. in Assamese

distantly or slightly related in Assamese

Distinct portion forming part of or broken off from a larger object in Assamese

Distinctly different parts or units in Assamese

distorted or deformed word in Assamese

distorted or very emaciated form (as an insult) in Assamese

distortion of face made in disgust etc. or to amuse. in Assamese

distress or uneasiness of mind caused by uncertainly or misfortune in Assamese

Distribute as a share or task (alloted equal sums) by some local authority in Assamese

distribution according to a plan or setting apart for a special purpose in Assamese

disturbed or excited emotionally in Assamese

diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings in Assamese

diverging from a given straight line or course in Assamese

Divide into parts, pieces, or sections; basically used for partition of inheritance in Assamese

Divided into numerous small strips. in Assamese

divided into separate masses in Assamese

divided into several parts in Assamese

divided into three or of three kinds in Assamese

divided into two parts or halves. in Assamese

divided or spread into different branches or divisions in Assamese

Divine knowledge. in Assamese

do not mind incurring expense in Assamese

do or happen something not far off in Assamese

do or happen something when one is present in Assamese

do sth with happiness in Assamese

do sth with sorrow or unhappiness in Assamese

document effecting a property transfer in Assamese

doing absurd things which cannot be understood by man (said of God) in Assamese

Doing something willingly or intentionally without being forced in Assamese

Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in seventeen genera. They vary in size from 1.2 metres (4 ft) and 40 kilograms (88 lb) (Maui's Dolphin), up to 9.5 m (30 ft) and ten t in Assamese

Domestic animals, such as cattle or horses, raised for home use or for profit, especially on a farm. in Assamese

domesticated fowl collectively, especially those valued for their meat and eggs, as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl in Assamese

Dominated, displaying or caused by strong emotions in Assamese

done (specially say something) with confidence in Assamese

Done at random without understanding or investigation. in Assamese

done by oneself in Assamese

Done by or affecting only one person or party in Assamese

Done by several person without method. in Assamese

done even after having a constrain. in Assamese

done in a manner inferior to the expected quality in Assamese

done in such a way that each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen in Assamese

done in the same method or steps of doing another task in Assamese

done more than once, but not too many times. in Assamese

done only part of a work in Assamese

Done or carried out more than what is needed in Assamese

done or carried out only one time in Assamese

done or carried out with honest efforts in Assamese

done or carried out with the knowledge of everyone in Assamese

done or carried out without the knowledge of others in Assamese

Done or happening at the appropriate or proper time. in Assamese

Done or implemented the whole of a job. in Assamese

done or made by hand in Assamese

done or performed as a matter of courtesy or protocol; e.g. a courtesy call in Assamese

done or represent someone else in Assamese

done or traveled by walking on foot. in Assamese

done something with lots of money and effort in Assamese

done sth without difficulty in Assamese

done with a kind disposition in Assamese

done with significant force or stress in Assamese

done with strictly as per appointed or regular time in Assamese

done without errors or mistakes in Assamese

Done without knowing it. in Assamese

done, produced, or occurring once every month in Assamese

down to the legs in Assamese

Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya (1924–1997) was a famous Indian writer and one of the pioneers of modern Assamese Literature. He was first ever recipient of the Jnanpith Award given to a Assamese writer, in the year 1979 for his novel Mrityunjay (Immortal in Assamese

dramatic qualities (of a play). in Assamese

Drastically different in Assamese

Draw air into and expel it from the lungs in Assamese

drawers or shorts worn under outer clothing, usually next to the skin. in Assamese

drawn out to the full length in Assamese

dressing and decorating properly in Assamese

dried cakes of ground `mati-kalai` (black lentil) in Assamese

dried in the sun on the same day. in Assamese

dried milk in the form of white powder. in Assamese

dried mucus of the nostril in Assamese

dried pulp of ripe mango in Assamese

Dried tobacco leaves dipped in jaggery and stuffed tightly in bamboo containers. in Assamese


dropping of bombs by aeroplane in Assamese

dry Areca Nut in Assamese

dry cow-dung in Assamese

dry curry made of leafy vegetables in Assamese

dry fish or fermented fish in Assamese

dry land fit for highland crop or not fit for paddy in Assamese

dry place,An area often covered with sand or rocks, where there is very little rain and not many plants: in Assamese

dry stalk of rice plant in Assamese

dry stalks or trash of grains like pulses or master seeds in Assamese

dry state of cow-dung in Assamese

Dry tobacco that is consumed nasally in Assamese

dry wood or other easily combustible material used for lighting a fire. in Assamese

Due respect for oneself, one's character, and one's conduct. in Assamese

dull or brownish gray in color in Assamese

Dung beetles are beetles that feed partly or exclusively on feces. Dung beetles live in many different habitats, including desert, farmland, forest, and grasslands. They do not like extremely cold or dry weather. They occur on all continents except Antarc in Assamese

duration for occurence of any particular event in Assamese

Duration of Six Months, Twice in a year in Assamese

dust of the foot in Assamese

duties imposed by law on imported or, less commonly, exported goods. in Assamese

Dutifully complying with the commands, orders, or instructions of one in authority in Assamese

dwelling or existing something within a given entity. in Assamese

dying of cholera (abusive words) in Assamese

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