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K?yastha or Kayasth is an upper caste of Sudras. They have a dual-caste status, that is, they can be Brahmin and Kshatriya, and occupy North, East and Central India. Other kayastha groups are found in Maharashtra and South India. in Assamese

Kabaddi is a team sport originally from the Indian subcontinent. Two teams occupy opposite halves of a field and take turns sending a aider into the other half, in order to win points by tagging or wrestling members of the opposing team; the raider the in Assamese

Kabin Phukan (1946-) is a modern Assamese poet, critic, translator and an academician of high repute. He retired as Professor of English from Dibrugaarh University, Assam. 'Tok Dekhi Na Jone', 'Kone Koi Nupuwai Aunshir Rati' are anthologies of his poe in Assamese

Kali is a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction. In Kali's most famous myth, Durga and her assistants, Matrikas, wound the demon Raktabija, in various ways and with a variety of weapons, in an attempt to destroy him. They soon find that the in Assamese

Kaliya Daman is a significant event in the Mahabharata, marking Lord Krishna`s triumph over a poisonous serpent named Kaliya; the name of a play. in Assamese

Kaliya was a venomous serpent that lived in the Yamuna river. in Assamese

Kamakhya in Guwahati is an aspect of the Hindu Goddess Sati. A temple in her honour exists in the Kamrup district of Assam state, India. The temple is one of the 51 holy Shakti Peethas related to Sati. in Assamese

Kanak Sen Deka is the President of Assam Sahitya Sabha for 2005-09 and the editor of Dainik Agradoot, one of the oldest and popular Assamese daily. in Assamese

Kans grass is a grass native to South Asia. A lowland ecoregion at the base of the Himalaya range in Nepal, India, and Bhutan, This grass almost pure stands on the lowest portions of the floodplain. Kans grasslands are an important habitat for the Indian in Assamese

Keep or maintain in unaltered condition. in Assamese

keeping a document in the appropriate file which contains related ones in Assamese

keeping records of work allotment etc. in Assamese

Keeping safe or maintaining original state, esp. of the natural environment in Assamese

kept at lower than normal position (said of a flag which is lowered on a mast as a sign of mourning or distress) in Assamese

kept or caught in a trap or cage in Assamese

kept or deposited in a storehouse in Assamese

Kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense. in Assamese

Ketaki is a densely branched shrub. It is rarely erect and is generally found along the coast of India and the Andaman islands. The stem is usually up to 6 m high. It is always supported by aerial roots. The tree is considered a good soil binder. Leaves a in Assamese

Khagen Mahanta is a singer from Assam, better known for his renditions of Assamese folk and classical songs. Born to a xotradhikar, Mahanta started learning xotriya music from the age of seven. As a youngster he also learned to play the t in Assamese

killed due to the effect of electricity in Assamese

Killing someone for political or religious motives in Assamese

Kilns are big thermally insulated chambers, or ovens. They are used to harden, burn or dry bricks, ceramics etc. in Assamese

kind of a spade, a tool use to dug earth or soil in Assamese

kind of refreshing and invigorating drink prepared with adding lemon juice to tea. in Assamese

klin where bricks are made. in Assamese

knitted covering for the foot and lower leg in Assamese

knot of hair with the ends of the hairs protruding. in Assamese

Knowing and perceiving; having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts. in Assamese

knowing or using many languages, written in many languages in Assamese

knowledge acquired by study or academic attainments of a scholar; the profession of a pandit or teacher. in Assamese

Knowledge derived from study, experience, or instruction in Assamese

knowledge of divine or spiritual truth. in Assamese

Knowledge of specific events or situations that has been gathered or received by communication in Assamese

Known closely or close personal and warm relation in Assamese

known for long. in Assamese

Krishna Kanta Handiqui was a Sanskrit scholar, an Indologist and philanthropist from Assam. He was born on 20th July, 1898 to a respectable family at Jorhat, a small upper Assam tea town, Krishna Kanta Handiqui epitomized a rare combination of profound kn in Assamese

Kuki is the major tribes inhabiting in Kohima District of Nagaland. They prefer to live on hill tops and their villages are a cluster of closely constructed houses.Kukis cultivate dwarf cotton and spun yarns for their own use. Both men and women of this t in Assamese

Kumari Puja a part of durga puja, during which a teenage girl is worshipped symbolically as a goddess.Kumari Puja is held on Ashtami or sometimes Nabami. Kumari Puja is performed in Annapurna, Jagatdhatri and even Kali Puja as without Kumari Puja, the ya in Assamese

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