KHANDBAHALE.COM - Top word list of character 'v' in Assamese language

Vaastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. in Assamese

vain and empty boasting in Assamese

Valued at one fourth of a rupee; a silver coin of England, equal to four pennies, issued from 1279 to 1662. in Assamese

Vamana is the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as a dwarf priest. Legend says that Bali, the king of demons captured the three worlds (earth, heaven, and the subterranean region called patal) through devotion and penance. As a result, Lord Indra, the Kin in Assamese

varied in appearance or color; marked with patches or spots of different colors in Assamese

Variety that do not necessarily complement each other in Assamese

various trinkets, baubles, knick-knacks, toys, &c. in Assamese

Vasudeva is the father of Krishna, He married Devaki, the cousin of Kamsa. in Assamese

vegetables (deep) fried in oil. One or more varieties of vegetable may be used for cooking. It is usually an additional dish that goes with roti or rice. in Assamese

Vegetables, especially the non-leafy ones, e.g. cauliflower in Assamese

Vehicle for travelling in outer space in Assamese

Venomous hooded snake found in Asia and Africa in Assamese

verbs which do not change their form in accordance with the subjects in Assamese

very affectionately attached or loving. in Assamese

very auspicious moment.(according to astrology.) in Assamese

very bold , involves a lot of risk in Assamese

Very bright and colorful so as to attract attention and please the eyes in Assamese

very bright eye catching (red colour). in Assamese

Very cheerful and friendly in Assamese

Very closely held, drawn so that it can not be easily circumvented, like tight security in Assamese

very comfortable and of very high quality. in Assamese

very delicate; very fine/small in Assamese

very difficult to be gratified, such as passion in Assamese

Very dirty and unpleasant place. in Assamese

very fast or sudden. in Assamese

very fast turning movements at the same place in Assamese

very fast, continuous talk in Assamese

very fertile paddy field in Assamese

Very fine rain that can be stronger than mist but less than a shower. in Assamese

Very good quality ornaments in Assamese

very hard quartz that makes sparks in Assamese

very high speed of certain action/activities; like the motion of a horse in Assamese

very hot ( said as sunshine). in Assamese

very humble and gentle, without much aggression. in Assamese

very interested in learning about different things in Assamese

very large uncontrolled fire engulfing a large area and rising to a great height. in Assamese

very light yellowish colour in Assamese

Very old and not in good condition or health. in Assamese

very old, tall and slender (usually a plant like beetal nut) in Assamese

very pleasant, attractive or delightful in Assamese

very pleasing in taste. in Assamese

very puncually, exactly on time in Assamese

very sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction. in Assamese

very severe beating in Assamese

very small amount in Assamese

very small and thin (objects) in Assamese


very tall, high up in the air. in Assamese

very thin and light almost like see-through (paper or clothe) in Assamese

very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold. in Assamese

Very thin like a tin-foil. in Assamese

very unpleasant stuffy condition in a room etc.where there is more people than it can accommodate and you sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable because there is no fresh air. in Assamese

Vessel or aperatus used for burning incense. in Assamese

vibration of the body due to emotion, cold or the like. in Assamese

vigilant guard, as for protection or restraint in Assamese

vine or fruit of the plant belonging to the genus luffa. The fruit is edible. The fruit may be allowed to mature so that only a network of xylems is left and then it can be used as a bathing sponge or scrub in Assamese

violating a rule, principle, or established practice; faulty; wrong. in Assamese

Violent atmospheric disturbance with strong wind and usually with thunder, hail and rain in Assamese

violent impact of a moving body with another or with a fixed object, clashing of interests etc. in Assamese

virtues, usages belonging to any particular age. in Assamese

Visible for a moment only or disappearing after a few moments in Assamese

visitor to places of historical, cultural importance or of natural beauty in Assamese

Visnu and Shiva united into one. in Assamese

Visually attractive in a quaint or charming manner such as an image. in Assamese

voice with short, sharp, unpleasant sound in a nonrhythmic way. in Assamese

volume related calculation of matter in a reaction. in Assamese

voluntary sacrifice or denial of oneself, as for an ideal or another person in Assamese

voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing in Assamese

vomitting tendency due to satiety or inappetence in Assamese

Vote on an important political question open to all the electors of a state in Assamese

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