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wages or honorarium for singing in Assamese

waist cloth of males put on while bathing in Assamese

Walk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians; usually beside a street or roadway. in Assamese

Walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury. in Assamese

Walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction. in Assamese

walking slowly and gracefully (applied to a woman). in Assamese

Wall Magazine is a periodical run on a notice board especially in an educational institute where the students and and other members of the institution can post their articles, poems, drawings and other such compositions to share with each other. in Assamese

Walruses are the largest carnivorous pinnipeds in the Arctic and Subarctic areas. They like to live in shallow water by ice floes or land. Their habitat is the entire polar basin. There are two types of walrus - the Pacific and the Atlantic. There are mor in Assamese

want of beauty or elegance in Assamese

want of food and raiment in Assamese

War between citizens of the same country in Assamese

warm and comfortable. in Assamese

warm-hearted; affectionate; cordial; jovial: a hearty welcome in Assamese

Warn in advance or beforehand; give an early warning. in Assamese

Wasp belonging to the family Vespidae with Yellow and Black strip on back in Assamese

Waste fluid secreted by the kidneys and discharged from the bladder in Assamese

waste high open land. in Assamese

watching over and attending a patient by persons in turn. in Assamese

water bubbles appearing from beneath the layer of sand under shallow water in Assamese

Water containing deuterium or heavy hydrogen instead of normal hydrogen (symbol D2O); used as a moderator in nuclear reactors. Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen formed of one proton and one neutron in each atom. in Assamese

water entrapped within the pores of a sediments since their formation in Assamese

water extracted out from boiled rice. in Assamese

Water falling in drops/droplets from vapour condensed in the atmosphere (cloud). in Assamese

Water for washing feet. in Assamese

water from the Ganga, supposed to be holy and is used in some Hindu religious functions. in Assamese

Water frozen in the solid state below 0oC temperature. in Assamese

water in a vaporous form diffused in the atmosphere but below boiling temperature in Assamese

water in gaseous state as distinguished from liquid or solid state. in Assamese

Water in which a crude vegetable drug has been boiled and which therefore contains the constituents or principles of the substance soluble in boiling water. in Assamese

Water in which the feet of God or Guru has been washed or immersed. in Assamese

water of the river Ganges in Assamese

water offered to the manes with the joined palms of the hands, an oblation of water. in Assamese

Water rail is a slender marsh bird of the family Rallidae (order Gruiformes), native to most of Europe and Asia. Its length is about 28 cm (11 inches), and it has mainly brown upperparts and blue-grey underparts, with black barring on the flanks with a mo in Assamese

water saturated or strongly impregnated with salt in Assamese

water taken from any of the holy placess. in Assamese

Water that has high mineral content (in contrast with soft water). Hard water minerals primarily consist of calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+) metal cations, and sometimes other dissolved compounds such as bicarbonates and sulfates. in Assamese

water without dissolved Calcium or Magnesium salt in Assamese

water, milk etc. poured into the mouth of a dying man in Assamese

Wax structure of hexagonal cells built by bees for honey and eggs in Assamese

Way of thinking associated with a particular time, group, etc. (often used in plural - Thoughts) in Assamese

wearing down or rubbing away or removal of the superficial layers of skin in Assamese

wearing or provided with clothing in Assamese

Weaver ants or Green ants are genus of Oecophylla. they are known for their remarkable cooperative behaviour used in nest construction. They like to stay in a colonial life. Oecophylla weaver ants vary in color from reddish to yellowish brown dependent on in Assamese

weighing half a tola (a unit of weighing gold, precious minerals etc.) in Assamese

well known but probably not true, of doubtful authority in Assamese

Well known for bad reasons in Assamese

well-advanced or competent in any art, science, or subject; skilled in Assamese

Wet, sticky, soft earth, as on the banks of a river. in Assamese

what has been chosen as the best in Assamese

what has been found out in Assamese

what has been given account of in Assamese

what has been presented voluntarily in Assamese

what has not been carried out or completed in Assamese

What induces a person to act in a particular way in Assamese

what is fit for inquiry or questioning in Assamese

What is generally said or believe about a person's or thing's character in Assamese

what is generally said or believed about a person's or thing's character (reputation for honesty; reputation of being a crook) in Assamese

what is happening at a given point of time. in Assamese

what is intended to be, or actually is, expressed or indicated in Assamese

What is left after other parts have been used or removed in Assamese

what is predicated to a subject in a sentence in Assamese

what is targetted to achieve in Assamese

what one believes to be true in Assamese

what one thinks or believes about sth in Assamese

whatever is understood or known in Assamese

When light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands. in Assamese

when people are governed in an unfair and cruel way, prevented from having opportunities and freedom and subjected to unfair rules. in Assamese

when someone or something is converted from one thing to another. in Assamese

when something is taken away so that it is no longer available, or when someone stops being involved in an activity. in Assamese

when the words and actions of a character in a play have different, rather contradictory meanings for the audience. The character mean or do something different from what they say. in Assamese

when two parameters changes values together, i.e. as one increasses, the other also increases and vice versa, thenthey are called proportional to each other in Assamese

where and when you have or feel the presence of both memory and hope. in Assamese

where cattle buffalo etc. graze in Assamese

where information is kept and from where it can be sought. in Assamese

where there is abundance of fruits in Assamese

which brings (something) into conformity with a rule, principle, or usage in Assamese

which can be measured in Assamese

which can be put out in Assamese

which can impart knowledge in Assamese

which can not be used more than once in Assamese

which cannot be cured in Assamese

which cannot be filled. in Assamese

which cannot be put out or extinguished in Assamese

which cannot be reduced or lessened in Assamese

which causes pain or hardship. in Assamese

which does not exist or which is not in existance in Assamese

which has become crystalline or turned into crystals in Assamese

which has been believed to be true or expected to happen in Assamese

which has been burnt or reduced to ashes by burning in Assamese

which has been conveyed or removed from one place to the other in Assamese

which has been experienced or occupied with joy or satisfaction in Assamese

which has been given an appointment in Assamese

which has been given back in Assamese

which has been intensified or elevated in terms of quality, value, power etc. in Assamese

which has been kept alive (as fish) in Assamese

which has been made into pieces by any sharp weapon in Assamese

which has been made white, as by using a composition of lime and water in Assamese

which has been said or referred again and again in Assamese

which has been shown or exposed to view in Assamese

which has been spread in Assamese

which has been started in Assamese

which has been transferred to other`s possession in Assamese

which has been translated in Assamese

which has been utterred or rendered aloud in Assamese

which has gone away from sight in Assamese

which has not been omitted from memory in Assamese

which has not been put out in Assamese

which has not been received or obtained in Assamese

which has not been remembered in Assamese

which has not been smelt before. in Assamese

which have a face like the moon in Assamese

which have been removed from one place and placed (planted) in another place in Assamese

which have no enemies in Assamese

which intensifies or increases in quality, value, power, etc. in Assamese

Which is easy to approach, enter, or use. in Assamese

which is fit or needed to cut in Assamese

which is not being sought in Assamese

which leads to the increase of wealth or money in Assamese

which prevents or impedes from acting, happening or doing in Assamese

While or although not present; in absence. in Assamese

while yet good condition or safety. in Assamese

White bear of Arctic regions. in Assamese

White blood cells or leukocytes are cells of the immune system defending the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials. in Assamese

White crystalline salty substance, scientifically named Potassium Nitrate, used in preserving meat and also in making gunpowder in Assamese

white mixed with a small amount of gray, yellow, or other light color in Assamese

White people is a term which usually refers to human beings only with white skin color. In America they are known as Caucasian. in Assamese

who believes in communism, a supporter of the communism. in Assamese

who brings or gains money in return for labour, e.g. an earning member of a family in Assamese

Who exercises his own power to do everything in Assamese

who has been given birth to in Assamese

who has been given permission or order in Assamese

who has been kept sleeping or lying in Assamese

who has been nourished, supported or raised in Assamese

who has been shown respect in Assamese

whole seeds of an edible legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. in Assamese

Whom should be worshipped in Assamese

whose main aim of life is to help others. in Assamese

whose name is not known or not made public in Assamese

Wide tidal river mouth, where a river meets a sea in Assamese

widely available or accepted; usual, or normal amount, degree, quality, condition, standard. in Assamese

Widely known and esteemed in Assamese

Widespread occurrence of a disease in a community at a particular time in Assamese


wife of a cowherd, especially those who were in love with Lord Krishna. in Assamese

wife of brother of ones mother in Assamese

Wife of father's elder brother in Assamese

wife of Lord Krishna in Assamese

wife of one's elder brother in Assamese

wife of one's husband's brother in Assamese

wife of one`s father other than the biological mother. in Assamese

wife of the guru or religious preceptor in Assamese

wife of the Hindu god of love, Kamdev in Assamese

wife of the sage Agastya in Assamese

wife of younger brother of ones father in Assamese

Wild animal related to dog, usually hunt in packs in Assamese

wild animals of the family Hyaenidae in Assamese

wild banana. in Assamese

Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants, animals, and other organisms.Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems, Deserts, rain forests, plains, and other areas—including the most developed urban sites—all have distinct forms of wildlife. While the ter in Assamese

Wildly illogical or inappropriate in Assamese

Wind blowing from the north. in Assamese

wind blowing from the southern direction in Assamese

Wind that blows from east to west in Assamese

Wind that blows from west to east in Assamese

Wind that comes from the east. in Assamese

Wire with interwoven sharp spikes, used in fences and barriers in Assamese

Wishing evil to others or unhappy at others good fortune in Assamese

with a definite purpose in view in Assamese

with a feeling as if dreaming in Assamese

with a mixture of diverse tunes in Assamese

with a slight expression of pleasure in face in Assamese

with a very close and warm relationship in Assamese

with all one's personal property, cloths and other property. in Assamese

with an impact on the mental characteristics; with an effect on mind in Assamese

with excessive pride or vanity in Assamese

With family and the dependants. in Assamese

with full attention and seriousness in Assamese

With full knowledge and deliberation. in Assamese

with great velocity; with the speed of sound. in Assamese

with hands and feet stretched in Assamese

with laugh or loud facial expression of rejoice in Assamese

with lots of spice and chilly in Assamese

with neglect or showing no proper care or concern in Assamese

with no particular order or plan; not organized well in Assamese

with one side of the edge sharpened (knife,sword etc.) in Assamese

with one`s living body in Assamese

with profound dedication in Assamese

with regard to the mind in Assamese

with regard to the physical state in Assamese

with reluctantance or wait to act because of fear, shyness, indecision, or disinclination in Assamese

with single stem; having no branches. in Assamese

with the brows drawn together and the forehead wrinkled in Assamese

with the eyes fixed on one thing in Assamese

with the eyes naturally looking upwards. in Assamese

with the feeling of satisfaction and pride in Assamese

with the head down and legs up in Assamese

With the help of someone. in Assamese

with the mind fixed on one thing; intent upon one thing. in Assamese

with the specific colour in Assamese

with which something is measured in Assamese

withdrawn from or no longer occupied with ones business or profession in Assamese

within a little time. in Assamese

within a short period after a given event in Assamese

within the time frame of; e.g. The institute was very successful DURING his presidency. in Assamese

without a chariot in Assamese

without a head or having the head cut off in Assamese

without a limb, i.e. a leg or an arm in Assamese

without a rope in Assamese

without a spine, lacking in firmness or courage in Assamese

without a veil or a head-cover in Assamese

without adherence to or insistence on rituals in Assamese

Without any anticipation. in Assamese

without any changes in Assamese

without any curvature, departure or middle-man in Assamese

Without any distinction of being pure or impure. in Assamese

without any division into or not belonging to social classes. in Assamese

without any doubt or beyond doubt in Assamese

without any excitement or passion in Assamese

without any future prospects. in Assamese

without any hesitation in Assamese

without any novelty or newness in Assamese

without any opposition or arguments in Assamese

Without any others being included or involved. in Assamese

Without any physical form; separated from reality, existing in the mind only. in Assamese

without any precondition in Assamese

without any restriction or hindrance in Assamese

without any twist or obstructions in between; without taking advantage of help of others or some equipment in Assamese

without any value or merit in Assamese

without being asked. in Assamese

Without being disclosed. in Assamese

without being expected or wished in Assamese

without being influenced or controlled by others in Assamese

without being observed or perceived in Assamese

without being provoked or incited in Assamese

without being solicited or asked for in Assamese

Without certain specific aim. in Assamese

without cessation or intermission in Assamese

without change and, therefore, boring and/or monotonous. in Assamese

without clothes or covering in Assamese

without conditions or limitations in an agreement in Assamese

without considering one among many in Assamese

without considering the congruity or appropriateness in Assamese

without cord ( Generally used for the relation of love and affection) in Assamese

without excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions in Assamese

without flower or bloom and not producing seeds. in Assamese

without full knowledge, with limited knowhow in Assamese

without having a house, place to live in. in Assamese

without having perfect knowledge in Assamese

without making any noise or sound in Assamese

Without matching the ending sounds in Assamese

without meaning, significance, purpose, or value in Assamese

without misfortune, without being harmed, damaged or lost. in Assamese

without moving or rolling. in Assamese

without much flesh or fat; not plump or fat in Assamese

without much funfare, or without ceremony or formalities in Assamese

without or no longer in need or requirement of in Assamese

without paying attention in Assamese

without paying due attention in Assamese

without price or particular object. in Assamese

Without prior knowledge or intention. in Assamese

without prior notice in Assamese

without problems or difficulties in Assamese

without self confidence. in Assamese

without small holes or pores in Assamese

without spirit; lack of energy in Assamese

without taking any food in Assamese

Without the help or presence of others in Assamese

without the influence of blowing wind in Assamese

without the proper size or symmetry of different parts of the body in Assamese

without the usual furnishings, contents in Assamese

without thinking; in a thoughtless manner in Assamese

without too much disturbance or ups and downs in Assamese

without washing the mouth in the morning. in Assamese

without worrying of being harmed in Assamese

woman having a single child in Assamese

woman who lives and have physical relationship with a man she is not married to, and has a lower social rank than wife in Assamese

Woman who manages a household and usually does not have a full time paid job in Assamese

Woman with beautiful eye like deer. in Assamese

womanish in appearance or manner in Assamese

women`s underwear in Assamese

wooden idol of God in Assamese

word for word; exactly as spoken or written in Assamese

word used in calling domestic animal except dogs in Assamese

word used in place of a noun in Assamese

word used interrogatively as a request for specific information in Assamese

Word used to address someone very respectful in Assamese

word used to connect cause and effect in Assamese

Word used to express gratitude. in Assamese

word used to put forward a condition or term in Assamese

word used to qualify a noun in Assamese

word used to request in Assamese

Words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another. in Assamese

words of a language which are no longer used by the speakers of that language. in Assamese

words or sounds that can be pronounced or articulated. in Assamese

Words used to wish favorable luck to somebody in Assamese

words uttered in harshness. in Assamese

words without specific meanings, uttered by a crazy person in Assamese

words,phrases etc. having the same or nearly the same, meaning(s) in Assamese

work out or explain in detail in Assamese

work that is part of somebody's job or something that concerns somebody. in Assamese

Work together or be helpful in Assamese

Working by itself without direct human intervention in Assamese

working in a cornfield or growing or produced in a cornfield in Assamese

workplace of a smith esp. a blacksmith in Assamese

Workplace where clothes are washed and ironed. in Assamese

works to be done in the morning everyday in Assamese

World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1st. The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988. World AIDS Day provides governments, national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opp in Assamese

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June in more than 100 countries. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. in Assamese

worldly; not interesting or exciting, dull in Assamese

worn below the navel in Assamese

worn-out former thatches of the roof of a house, thrown off at the time of re-thatching with new thatches and materials in Assamese

worshiper of Shiva in Assamese

worshiping Vishnu or Hari by singing religious songs in Assamese

worshipping of the farming (harvesting) god of the lalung-tiwa community of Assam in Assamese

worth following or fit to be obeyed (said of an order) in Assamese

worth having or seeking or achieving in Assamese

Worth receiving willingly in Assamese

worthy of being offered in Assamese

worthy of being remembered every morning. in Assamese

Worthy of being remembered. in Assamese

worthy of envy in Assamese

worthy of reproach, condemnations in Assamese

woven in handloom as one piece, without being cut in Assamese

woven with dry threads (as of a muga cloth) in Assamese

woven with muga and cotton threads intermingled. in Assamese

woven with wet threads (as of a muga cloth) in Assamese

wrap or scarf worn for warmth in Assamese

write verse or turn into verse. in Assamese

writer of an epic in Assamese

Writing one's name or signature on a document etc. as authorization in Assamese

Writing with joined characters in Assamese

Written acknowledgment of payment received in Assamese

Written authorisation allowing authorities to search a premise, or arrest a suspect, etc. in Assamese

written contract or certificate of insurance in Assamese

written directions recommended, esp. by a physician to a patient in Assamese

written on the bark of the Sanchi tree. in Assamese

written or mentioned before or above in Assamese

wrong or bad meaning in Assamese

Wrongfully emptied or stripped of anything of value. in Assamese

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