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bunch in English

  • bunch
    bunch, noun, verb.

  • bunch
    noun buncher.

  • bunch
    noun 1. a group of things of the same kind growing fastened, placed, or thought of together.
    Ex. a bunch of grapes, a bunch of flowers, a bunch of sheep.
    (SYN) batch, cluster.
    2. (Informal.) a group of people.
    Ex. a bunch of thi

  • bunch
    v.i. to come together in one place.
    Ex. The sheep bunched up in the shed to keep warm.

  • bunch
    v.t. 1. to bring together and make into a bunch.
    Ex. We have bunched the flowers for you to carry home.
    2. to put in folds; gather.
    Ex. a dress bunched up on the hips and at the back.

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