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case in English

  • case
    case (1), noun.
    1a. an example; instance.
    Ex. The lost books were another case of his carelessness. A case of this kind happened a few years ago.
    b. any special condition of a person or thing; situation; state.
    Ex. a case of pover

  • case
    case (2), noun, verb, cased,casing.

  • case
    case (3), noun.
    a cavity in the head of the sperm whale which contains spermaceti and oil.

  • case
    expr. get (or come) down to cases, (Especially U.S.) to come to the point; attend to the facts or the matter at hand.
    Ex. ""Unless we get down to cases soon,"" he says, ""there's a danger that we'll break up before anybody realizes what's involved"

  • case
    expr. get off one's case, (U.S. Slang.) to leave one alone; stop annoying or harrassing one.
    Ex. When pressed about her boyfriends she gets very sarcastic and ... will say something like ""Get off my case"" (New York Post).

  • case
    expr. in any case, no matter what happens; anyhow.
    Ex. In any case, you should prepare for the worst.

  • case
    expr. in case of, if there should be; in the event of.
    Ex. In case of fire, walk quietly to the nearestdoor.

  • case
    expr. in case, if it should happen that; if; supposing.
    Ex. What would you do in case fire broke out at home?

  • case
    expr. in no case, under no circumstances; never.
    Ex. In no case should you panic.

  • case
    expr. just in case, in anticipation of some irregularity, mishap, or misfortune; merely as a protective measure.
    Ex. On that night the village was shaken by a storm and the priest had grumbled mildly at being kept out of bed, but the Roncallis beli

  • case
    noun caser.

  • case
    noun 1. a thing to hold or cover something; container; receptacle.
    Ex. a typewriter case, a cigarette case.
    (SYN) holder.
    2. a covering; sheath.
    Ex. Put the knife back in its case.
    (SYN) casing.
    3a. a box; crate.

  • case
    packing box orcase
    a box or case for packing goods in.

  • case
    v.t. 1. to put in a case; cover with a case.
    Ex. He cased the books for shipping.
    (SYN) enclose, encase.
    2. to face (a building) with superior material.
    Ex. The builders cased the lower story of the building with stone.

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