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characteristic in Kashmiri कॉशुर

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characteristic in English

  • characteristic
    acquired character orcharacteristic,
    a change of structure or of function in a plant or animal as a result of use or disuse or in response to the environment. An acquired character cannot be inherited.

  • characteristic
    adj. marking off or distinguishing a certain person or thing from others; special; distinctive.
    Ex. the characteristic stripes of a tiger. Bananas have their own characteristic smell.

  • characteristic
    adv. characteristically.

  • characteristic
    characteristic, adjective, noun.

  • characteristic
    noun 1. a special quality or feature; whatever distinguishes one person or thing from others.
    Ex. Cheerfulness is a characteristic that we admire in people. An elephant's trunk is its most noticeable characteristic. The number of their legs is a ch

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