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corner in Urdu اُردُو

corner in English

  • corner
    adj. 1. at or on a corner.
    Ex. a corner house.
    2. for a corner.
    Ex. a corner cupboard.
    3. for making corners.
    Ex. a corner chisel.

  • corner
    corner, noun, adjective, verb.

  • corner
    expr. around the corner, in the near future; soon to happen, be achieved, or acquired.
    Ex. Computers that think ... are only just around the corner (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • corner
    expr. cut corners,
    a. to shorten the way by going across corners.
    Ex. The boys ran off to school, cutting corners to avoid being late.
    b. to save money, effort, time, labor, or material.
    Ex. When the manufacturer cut corners by

  • corner
    expr. paint oneself into a corner, to get into a situation from which one cannot extricate oneself.
    Ex. When better authors than I am find themselves unable to cope with the problem of a married hero, I'm not going to paint myself into that corner

  • corner
    expr. the four corners of the earth, the farthest regions of the earth.
    Ex. The Moslem pilgrims come to Mecca from the four corners of the earth.

  • corner
    expr. turn the corner, to pass the worst or most dangerous point.
    Ex. Economic experts believe that we have now turned the corner.

  • corner
    noun cornerer.

  • corner
    noun 1. the place where two lines or surfaces meet.
    Ex. the corners of the mouth, the corner of a room.
    2. the space between two lines or surfaces near where they meet; angle.
    Ex. He was whipped and told to stand in the corner.

  • corner
    v.i. 1a. to round sharp corners at relatively high speeds without sway.
    Ex. This heavy make of car corners more safely than any of the other lighter cars we tried.
    b. to drive a car around a sharp corner.
    Ex. It also rolls somewhat, bu

  • corner
    v.t. 1. to put in a corner; drive into a corner.
    Ex. cornered in the coziest nook of all (Robert Browning).
    2. (Figurative.) to force into a difficult position; drive into a place from which escape is impossible.
    Ex. The police cornere

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