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grip in English

  • grip
    adj. gripless.

  • grip
    expr. come (or get) to grips with, to work hard and seriously on; struggle with; attempt to cope with.
    Ex. So far the trustees have not come to grips with their most serious problem (Maclean's).

  • grip
    expr. come to grips, to fight hand to hand; struggle close together.
    Ex. I saw we were come to grips at last (Robert Louis Stevenson).

  • grip
    expr. lose one's grip, to lose control.
    Ex. He was losing his grip on Das Kapital, the first volume of which had failed to bring him the public recognition he had expected (Edmund Wilson).

  • grip
    grip, noun, verb, grippedorgript,gripping.

  • grip
    noun gripper.

  • grip
    noun 1. a seizing and holding tight; tight grasp; firm hold.
    Ex. McGinnis's grip on the throttle loosened (Newsweek).
    2. the power of gripping.
    Ex. the grip of a bear.
    3. a thing for gripping something, such as one by which a ca

  • grip
    v.i. to take firm hold; make a grasp; get a grip.

  • grip
    v.t. to seize and hold firmly; take a firm hold on.
    Ex. The dog gripped the stick.
    1. (Figurative.) to get and keep the interest and attention of.
    Ex. An exciting story grips you.
    2. to attach, as with a grip or grappling iron.

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