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snow in English

  • snow
    adj. snowlike.

  • snow
    expr. snow in, to shut in by snow.
    Ex. The village was snowed in for a whole week after the blizzard.

  • snow
    expr. snow under,
    a. to cover with snow.
    Ex. The sidewalks and streets were snowed under by the storm.
    b. (Informal, Figurative.) to overwhelm.
    Ex. He is snowed under with work. By margins of more than 3-1, Parliament snowed und

  • snow
    noun 1. frozen water vapor in the form of crystals that fall to earth in soft, white flakes and usually spread upon it as a white layer. Snow falls in winter.
    Ex. To watch his woods fill up with snow (Robert Frost).
    2. a fall of snow.

  • snow
    snow, noun, verb.

  • snow
    v.i. 1. to fall as snow.
    Ex. to snow all day.
    2. to come down like snow.

  • snow
    v.t. 1. to let fall or scatter as snow.
    2. to cover, block up, or otherwise obscure or obstruct, with snow, or as if with snow.
    3. (U.S. Slang.) to deceive by artful talk.

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