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  • bed
    adj. beddable.

  • bed
    adj. bedless.

  • bed
    bed, noun, verb, bedded,bedding.

  • bed
    expr. bed down,
    a. to make or arrange a sleeping place for.
    Ex. He bedded the horse down with straw.
    b. to go to bed; lie down for the night.
    Ex. The great herd had bedded down (Elisha Mulford).

  • bed
    expr. get up on the wrong side of the bed, to be irritable or bad-tempered.
    Ex. She got up on the wrong side of the bed and wouldn't speak to anyone all day.

  • bed
    expr. make one's bed, to take a decisive step of which the consequences are to be accepted.
    Ex. She made her bed when she quit school to go to work; now let her lie in it.

  • bed
    expr. put to bed,
    a. to prepare (a child, sick person, or animal) for sleeping.
    Ex. The doctor ordered that she be put to bed very early.
    b. (Journalism, Slang.) to prepare (a newspaper or magazine edition) to go to press.
    Ex. M

  • bed
    expr. take to one's bed, to stay in bed because of sickness or weakness.
    Ex. By and by he took to his bed (Harper's).

  • bed
    noun 1a. anything to sleep or rest on. A bed usually consists of a mattress raised upon a support and covered with sheets and blankets.
    b. a bedstead.
    Ex. a maple bed.
    2. any place where people or animals sleep or rest.
    Ex. The

  • bed
    v.i. 1. to go to bed; retire for the night.
    Ex. The cave where I bedded ... (Thomas Hood).
    2. to form a compact layer.

  • bed
    v.t. 1. to provide with a bed; put to bed.
    Ex. The farmer bedded his horse in the barn.
    2. to fix or set in a permanent position; embed.
    3. to plant in a garden bed.
    Ex. to bed out seedlings. These tulips should be bedded in ric

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