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Dive in English

  • dive
    dive, verb, divedor (U.S. Informal and British Dialect)dove,dived,diving,noun.

  • dive
    noun 1. the act of diving.
    Ex. We applauded the swimmer's graceful dive.
    2. a downward plunge at a steep angle.
    Ex. The submarine made a dive toward the bottom.
    3. (Football.) a play in which the quarterback jumps head foremost

  • dive
    v.i. 1. to plunge headfirst into water.
    2. to go down or out of sight suddenly.
    Ex. The thief dived into an alley to escape from the police.
    3. to plunge the hand suddenly into anything.
    Ex. He dived into his pockets and brought

  • dive
    v.t. to cause to dive; direct into a dive.
    Ex. to dive an airplane or a submarine.

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