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For in Marathi मराठी

For in Nepali नेपाली

For in Tamil தமிழ்

For in Urdu اُردُو

For in English

  • for
    expr. be for it, (British Informal.) to be in trouble.
    Ex. No one can sit on the same side of the room as Madame, and you're for it if she sees you leaning on the piano (Sunday Times).

  • for
    expr. for (one) to, that one will, should, or must.
    Ex. A secretary writes letters for her employer to sign. It is time for us to go.

  • for
    expr. Oh, for, I wish that I might have.
    Ex. Oh, for a swim! Oh, for a lodge in some vast wilderness (William Cowper).

  • for
    for, preposition, conjunction.

  • for
    prep. 1. in place of; instead of.
    Ex. We used boxes for chairs. He gave me a new book for the old one.
    2. in support of; in favor of.
    Ex. He stands for honest government. I am for giving everyone an equal opportunity.
    3. represen

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