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In in Konkani कोंकणी

In in Malayalam മലയാളം

In in Nepali नेपाली

In in Sindhi سنڌي

In in Urdu اُردُو

In in English

  • in
    -in (1),
    (combining form.)
    1. in public protest or demonstration, as in ?sit-in, teach-in.
    2. gathering by a group, as for socializing, as in ?be-in, love-in.

  • in
    -in (2),
    (suffix.) a variant of -ine (2), that usually denotes neutral substances such as fats, glycosides, and proteins, as in ?olein, digitoxin, albumin, stearin. Basic substances are usually indicated by ?ine (2).

  • in
    adj. 1. having power and influence.
    Ex. The in party has won another election.
    2. coming or leading in.
    Ex. The train is on the in track.
    3. (Informal.) in style; up-to-date; fashionable.
    Ex. an in outfit, in boots. The su

  • in
    adv. 1. in or into some place, position, or condition; on the inside.
    Ex. to come in, sailing close in by the shore. Lock the dog in. A sheepskin coat has the woolly side in.
    2. present, especially in one's home or office.
    Ex. The doct

  • in
    expr. have it in for. See under have.

  • in
    expr. in for it, (Slang.) in trouble.
    Ex. ""What is all that filth lying about all over the place? ... You wait till the officer comes in. You'll be in for it"" (Peter Ustinov).

  • in
    expr. in for, unable to avoid; sure to get or have.
    Ex. We are in for a storm.

  • in
    expr. in on, (Informal.)
    a. aware of.
    Ex. Is he in on the secret?
    b. involved in.
    Ex. I was in on the planning of the party from the start.

  • in
    expr. in that, because.
    Ex. The director was held responsible in that he managed the program.

  • in
    expr. in with,
    a. friendly with.
    Ex. They knew that ... against him they had been in with Diabolus (John Bunyan).
    b. partners with.
    Ex. She was in with him in the robbery.

  • in
    expr. ins and outs,
    a. turns and twists; nooks and corners.
    Ex. He knew the ins and outs of the road because he had traveled it so often.
    b. different parts; details.
    Ex. The manager knows the ins and outs of the business better

  • in
    expr. ins, the people in office; political party in power.
    Ex. The ins are all in favor of keeping the organization closed to outsiders.

  • In
    In(no period),
    indium (chemical element).

  • IN
    IN(no periods),
    Indiana (with postal Zip Code).

  • in
    in, preposition, adverb, adjective, noun, verb, inned,inning.

  • in
    noun 1. a position of familiarity or influence.
    Ex. to have an in with the company president. ... Assembly Speaker Unruh's White House ""in"" (Wall Street Journal).
    2. access.
    Ex. A magical charm was her protection, even giving her an

  • in
    prep. ?In expresses inclusion, situation, presence, existence, position, and action within limits of space, time, state, and circumstances.
    1. within; not outside.
    Ex. in the box, in the doorway. We live in the country during the summer. <

  • in
    v.t. 1. (Dialect.) to include; enclose.
    2. to harvest; gather.

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