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Regret in English

  • regret
    expr. regrets, a polite reply declining an invitation.
    Ex. She could not come but sent regrets.

  • regret
    noun the feeling of being sorry; sorrow; sense of loss.
    Ex. It was a matter of regret that I could not see my mother before leaving.

  • regret
    regret, verb, -gretted,-gretting,noun.

  • regret
    v.i. to feel sorry; mourn.
    Ex. Those are harsh words that he will regret later on. Those who had umbrellas were putting them up; those who had not were regretting and wondering how long it would last (Elizabeth Gaskell).

  • regret
    v.t. to feel sorry for or about.
    Ex. We regretted his absence from the party.

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