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aim in English

  • aim
    adj. aimable.

  • aim
    adj. aimless.

  • aim
    adv. aimlessly.

  • AIM
    AIM(no periods),
    American Indian Movement.

  • aim
    aim, verb, noun.

  • aim
    noun aimer.

  • aim
    noun aimlessness.

  • aim
    noun 1. the act of pointing or directing at something.
    2. the ability to point or direct a weapon or blow.
    Ex. His aim was so poor that he missed the door and hit the window with a snowball.
    3. the direction aimed in; line of sighting

  • aim
    v.i. 1. to point or direct something, such as a gun or blow, in order to hit.
    Ex. He aimed at the lion but missed.
    2. to direct one's efforts; try.
    Ex. She aims for perfection. We aim to please our customers.
    (SYN) aspire.

  • aim
    v.t. 1. to point or direct (a weapon or blow) in order to hit a target.
    Ex. to aim a gun.
    (SYN) level.
    2. to direct (words or acts) so as to influence a certain person or action.
    Ex. The coach aimed his talk at the boys who had

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