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dash in Urdu اُردُو

dash in English

  • dash
    dash (1), verb, noun.

  • dash
    dash (2), noun, verb.

  • dash
    expr. dash off,
    a. to do or write quickly.
    Ex. He dashed off a letter to his friend. You can sometimes dash off a favorable review in twenty minutes, it's panning that is difficult (Saturday Review).
    b. to go in a hurry; run.

  • dash
    noun (in Africa) a gift or gratuity; tip.

  • dash
    noun 1a. a splash.
    Ex. the dash of waves against the rocks. He was sprayed by a dash of mud.
    b. the sound of splashing.
    2. a rush.
    Ex. He made a dash for safety.
    3. a violent blow or stroke; smash.
    Ex. the dash of t

  • dash
    v.i. 1. to strike violently.
    Ex. The waves dashed against the rocks.
    2. to rush.
    Ex. They dashed by in a hurry.
    (SYN) dart.

  • dash
    v.t. (in Africa) to bestow a dash on; tip.
    Ex. Until recently, one of the worst torments of African travel for a white man arose out of this necessity of dashing every chief he visited (New Yorker).

  • dash
    v.t. 1. to throw, drive, or strike.
    Ex. In a fit of anger he dashed his ruler against the door. We dashed water over him.
    2. to splash.
    Ex. She dashed some paint on the paper and called it a tree.
    3. to strike violently or throw

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