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dip in Maithili মৈথিলী

dip in English

  • dip
    adj. dippable.

  • dip
    dip, verb, dippedordipt,dipping,noun.

  • dip
    expr. dip into,
    a. to take something out of.
    Ex. to dip into a box of candy, dip into one's savings.
    b. to read or look at for a short time; glance at.
    Ex. He dipped into a book on astronomy. A blasphemy so like these Molinists'

  • dip
    noun 1. a dipping of any kind, especially a quick plunge into and out of a tub of water, the sea, or a pool.
    Ex. He felt cool after a dip in the ocean.
    2. a liquid in which to dip something, especially a mixture in which to dip something for

  • dip
    v.i. 1. to go under water and come quickly out again.
    Ex. He dipped a few times in the ocean to cool himself off.
    2. to sink or drop down.
    Ex. The bird dipped low over the water in its flight. The price of eggs dipped below a dollar la

  • dip
    v.t. 1. to put under water or any liquid and lift quickly out again.
    Ex. She dipped her hand into the pool to see how cold the water was.
    2. to put (one's hand, a spoon, or fork) into to take out something.
    Ex. He dipped his hand into

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