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equal in English

  • equal
    adj. 1. the same in amount, size, number, value, degree, or rank; as much; neither more nor less.
    Ex. Ten dimes are equal to one dollar. All men are considered equal in a court of law.
    2. the same throughout; even; uniform.
    Ex. an equa

  • equal
    equal, adjective, noun, verb, (especially British)-qualled,-quallingor (especially U.S.)-qualed,-qualing.

  • equal
    expr. equal to, able to; strong enough for; brave enough for.
    Ex. One horse is not equal to pulling a load of five tons.

  • equal
    noun equalness.

  • equal
    noun 1. a person or thing that is equal to another, as in rank, ability, age, or strength.
    Ex. In spelling she has no equal. She is no equal for his birth (Shakespeare).
    (SYN) peer, match.
    2. an equal amount or number.
    Ex. 7 + 3

  • equal
    v.t. 1. to be or become the same as.
    Ex. Four times five equals twenty.
    2. to make or do something equal to (something else); match.
    Ex. Our team equalled the other team's score, and the game ended in a tie.
    3. to give, do, feel

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