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  • manner
    expr. by all manner of means, most certainly.
    Ex. Yes, in God's name, and by all manner of means (John Ruskin).

  • manner
    expr. by no manner of means, not at all; under no circumstances.
    Ex. ""Basil"" is by no manner of means an impeccable work of imperishable art (Algernon Charles Swinburne).

  • manner
    expr. in a manner of speaking, as one might say; so to speak.
    Ex. The cattle ... has been, in a manner of speaking, neglected (Rolfe Boldrewood).

  • manner
    expr. in a manner, after a fashion; in one way; in one sense.
    Ex. The bread is in a manner common (I Samuel 21:5).

  • manner
    expr. make one's manners, (U.S. Dialect.) to show one's good manners by a bow, curtsy, or handshake.
    Ex. good children ... who made their manners when they came into her house (Harriet Beecher Stowe).

  • manner
    expr. manners,
    a. polite ways of behaving.
    Ex. He has no manners at the table. Oh! ... return to us again; And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power (Wordsworth).
    b. ways of behaving.
    Ex. good manners, bad manners.
    c. c

  • manner
    expr. to the manner born,
    a. accustomed since birth to some way or condition.
    Ex. Though I am native here And to the manner born (Shakespeare).
    b. seeming to be naturally fitted for something.
    Ex. a chef to the manner born.

  • manner
    manner, noun.
    1. a way of doing, being done, or happening.
    Ex. The trouble arose in this manner.
    (SYN) fashion.
    2. a way of acting or behaving.
    Ex. an arrogant manner. She has a kind manner. Urbanity of manner (G. K. Cheste

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