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  • method
    critical path analysis ormethod
    a method of planning and controlling a complex operation by making a chart or diagram of the sequence of steps and time for each step required to complete the operation, often by means of a computer.
    Ex. Critica

  • method
    expr. method in one's madness, system and sense in apparent folly.
    Ex. There was method in Portia's madness when she disguised herself as a doctor of law in ""The Merchant of Venice.""

  • method
    method, noun.
    1. way of doing something, especially according to a defined plan.
    Ex. a method of teaching music. Roasting is one method of cooking meat.
    (SYN) mode, manner.
    2. the habit of acting according to plan; order or syste

  • Method
    Method, noun. ??the,Stanislavsky method.

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