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  • man
    adj. male.
    Ex. a man dancer.

  • man
    expr. act the man, to be courageous.
    Ex. The young sailor acted the man in every way.

  • man
    expr. as a man, from a human point of view.
    Ex. He spoke as a man, not merely as a soldier.

  • man
    expr. as one man, with complete agreement; unanimously.
    Ex. The crowd voted as one man.

  • man
    expr. be one's own man,
    a. to be free to do as one pleases.
    Ex. So Constance Nevill may marry whom she pleases, and Tony Lumpkin is his own man again (Oliver Goldsmith).
    b. to have complete control of oneself.
    Ex. The Royal prog

  • man
    expr. man alive! (U.S. Informal.) an exclamation or mild oath.
    Ex. Man alive! What an exciting ball game!

  • man
    expr. man and boy, from boyhood on; as a youth and as an adult.
    Ex. ... had been a peace officer, man and boy, for half a century (Dickens).

  • man
    expr. man for man, without exception; to a man.
    Ex. The top Indian civil servants impressed me as man for man the ablest people in any civil service with which I have had experience (Milton Friedman).

  • man
    expr. men, the common soldiers or sailors, as distinguished from the officers.
    Ex. The English had lost more than 2,400 officers and men (James T. Wheeler).

  • man
    expr. my good man, a condescending form of address, as to an inferior.
    Ex. Come here, my good man.

  • man
    expr. the man or the Man,
    a. the essential human being.
    Ex. Style is less important than the man.
    b. (U.S. Slang.) the police.
    Ex. Look out, here comes the man!
    c. (U.S. Slang.) the white man; white society.
    Ex. The

  • man
    expr. to a man, without exception; all.
    Ex. They obeyed him, to a man.

  • man
    expr. wise man of Gotham. See under Gotham.

  • man
    interj. (Informal.) an exclamation of surprise, joy, excitement, or other emotion, or for effect.
    Ex. Man, what a player! Man, that's some car!

  • man
    man, noun, pl.men,verb, manned,manning,adjective, interjection.

  • man
    noun 1. an adult male person.
    Ex. When a boy grows up, he becomes a man. When I became a man, I put away childish things (I Corinthians 13:11).
    2. a human being; person.
    Ex. All men are created equal (Declaration of Independence). No m

  • man
    section hand orman
    (U.S.) a worker on a section gang.

  • man
    v.t. 1. to supply with men.
    Ex. Sailors man a ship.
    2. to serve or operate; get ready to operate.
    Ex. Man the guns.
    3. (Figurative.) to make courageous or strong; brace.
    Ex. The captive manned himself to endure torture.

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