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romp in Maithili মৈথিলী

romp in English

  • romp
    noun romper.

  • romp
    noun 1. rough, lively play or frolic.
    Ex. A pillow fight is a romp.
    2. a girl or boy who likes to romp.
    Ex. a brisk young creature of seventeen, who was of the order of romps or tomboys (Thackeray).
    3. a swift but effortless vic

  • romp
    romp, verb, noun.

  • romp
    v.i. 1. to play in a rough, boisterous way; rush, tumble, and punch in play.
    Ex. boys and girls romping together and running after one another (Samuel Butler).
    2a. to run or go rapidly and with little effort, as in racing.
    b. to win e

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