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surprise in Malayalam മലയാളം

surprise in Nepali नेपाली

surprise in Telugu తెలుగు

surprise in English

  • surprise
    adj. that is not expected; coming as a surprise; surprising.
    Ex. a surprise party, a surprise visit.

  • surprise
    expr. take by surprise,
    a. to come upon suddenly and unexpectedly; catch unprepared.
    Ex. That he was taken by surprise is true. But he had twelve hours to make his arrangements (Macaulay).
    b. to astonish because unexpected; amaze. <

  • surprise
    noun 1. the feeling caused by something happening suddenly or unexpectedly; astonishment; wonder; amazement.
    Ex. His face showed surprise at the news.
    2. anything which causes this feeling; something unexpected.
    Ex. Mother always has a

  • surprise
    surprise, noun, verb, -prised,-prising,adjective.

  • surprise
    v.t. 1. to cause to feel surprise; astonish.
    Ex. The victory surprised us.
    2. to come upon suddenly; take unawares; take or catch in the act.
    3. to attack suddenly and without warning; catch unprepared; make an unexpected assault upon

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