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  • act
    act, noun, verb.

  • act
    expr. act as, to carry out the functions of.
    Ex. to act as chaplain.

  • act
    expr. act for, to take the place of; do the work of; act in behalf of.
    Ex. While the principal was gone, the assistant principal acted for him.

  • act
    expr. act on,
    a. to follow; obey.
    Ex. to act on the principle of the golden rule. I will act on your suggestion.
    b. to have an effect or influence on.
    Ex. Yeast acts on dough and makes it rise.

  • act
    expr. act out,
    a. to portray as an actor.
    Ex. to act out the heroine's part in detail.
    b. to express (unconscious or repressed feelings, fantasies, or frustrations) by one's actions or behavior.
    Ex. To observe that children act

  • act
    expr. act up, (Informal.)
    a. to behave badly.
    Ex. The spoiled girl acted up whenever company came.
    b. to play tricks; make mischief.
    Ex. Children often act up on Halloween. [The] five-year-old had been acting up ... and driving

  • act
    expr. act upon,
    a. to be influenced by and follow.
    Ex. By acting upon his teacher's advice on how to study, he improved his grades considerably.
    b. to have an effect or influence on.
    Ex. One sphere will act upon another with a f

  • act
    expr. get into (or in on) the act, (Informal.) to join in or take part in an activity, especially in something expedient or fashionable.
    Ex. As soon as Ping-Pong became fashionable everybody stopped snickering and tried to get in on the act.

  • act
    expr. get one's act together, (U.S. Informal.) to get organized; eliminate differences, inconsistencies, and the like.
    Ex. There I was, ... weeping, feeling like a miserable, self-indulgent, neurotic, middle-aged woman who couldn't get her act toge

  • act
    noun 1. something done; a doing or performance; a deed.
    Ex. an act of kindness. Slapping his face was a childish act.
    2. process of doing; action.
    Ex. The farmer caught the boys in the act of stealing his apples.
    3a. one of the

  • act
    v.i. 1. to do something.
    Ex. At the alarm, the firemen acted promptly and saved the burning house. Act, act in the living present (Longfellow).
    2. to have effect.
    Ex. The medicine acted like magic.
    3. to behave.
    Ex. The bo

  • act
    v.t. 1. to behave like.
    Ex. Most people act the fool now and then.
    2. (Figurative.) to perform or play the part of (a character) on the stage, in motion pictures, on television, or over the radio; play (a role).
    Ex. to act Macbeth. The

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