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  • by
    adj. 1. situated at the side; out of the way.
    2. away from the main purpose; secondary; private.

  • by
    adv. 1. at hand.
    Ex. near by.
    2. past.
    Ex. Julius Caesar lived in days gone by. A car raced by.
    3. aside or away.
    Ex. She put money by every week to save for a new sewing machine.
    4. (Informal.) at, in, or into anot

  • by
    by, preposition, adverb, adjective, noun.

  • by
    expr. by and by, after a while; before long; soon; shortly.
    Ex. Summer vacation will come by and by.

  • by
    expr. by and large,
    a. for the most part; on the whole.
    Ex. By and large it is a good book.
    b. (Nautical.) to the wind and off it.
    Ex. They soon find out one another's rate of sailing, by and large (Fraser's Magazine).

  • by
    expr. by the by, by the way; incidentally.
    Ex. By the by, here is the pen you lent me.

  • by
    expr. by the way. See under way.

  • by
    noun bye.

  • by
    prep. 1a. at the side or edge of; near; beside.
    Ex. a town by a river. The garden is by the house. Sit by me.
    b. beyond; past.
    Ex. He walked by the church. She ran right by him.
    2. along; over; through.
    Ex. He went by the m

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