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  • command
    adj. controlled or directed by a central authority.
    Ex. a command economy. People in Mexico ... are detemined to get beyond this kind of Mafia-style command capitalism (Rolling Stone).

  • command
    command, verb, noun, adjective.

  • command
    expr. at one's command, at one's disposal; available.
    Ex. Yet has he seldom a guinea at command (Sir Richard Steele).

  • command
    noun 1a. an order; direction.
    Ex. The soldiers obeyed the captain's command.
    (SYN) charge, injunction, mandate.
    b. an oral order in prescribed words given to troops, especially at drill.
    2. the possession of authority; power; c

  • command
    v.i. 1. to give orders; issue commands.
    Ex. He was a natural leader, and when he commanded, everyone obeyed.
    2. to have power; exercise authority; rule; control.
    Ex. Some men are born to command.
    3. to act as commander.

  • command
    v.t. 1. to give an order to; order; direct.
    Ex. The captain commanded the soldiers to fire.
    2. to prescribe with authority; ordain; require.
    Ex. I commanded that the gates should be shut (Nehemiah 13:19).
    3. to be in authority o

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