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box in English

  • box
    adj. boxlike.

  • box
    box (1), noun, verb.

  • box
    box (2), noun, verb.

  • box
    box (3), noun.
    1. an evergreen shrub or small, bushy tree much used for hedges and borders. It has dark-green leathery leaves.
    2. its hard, durable wood; boxwood.

  • box
    expr. box the compass. See under compass.

  • box
    expr. box up (in), to shut in; keep in; confine.
    Ex. The family was boxed up in a small shed on the hill during the flood.

  • box
    expr. boxes, the occupants of a theater box.
    Ex. The boxes applauded her.

  • box
    expr. in a box, (Informal.) in a difficult situation.
    Ex. Having accepted two invitations for the same evening, she found herself in a box.

  • box
    expr. knock out of the box, (Baseball.) to cause (a pitcher) to be withdrawn by hitting his pitches successfully.
    Ex. Twitchell was knocked out of the box, and in the seventh inning Richardson took his place (Chicago Tribune).

  • box
    expr. the box, (Informal.) television.
    Ex. At least I'd have been able to listen to the whole game on the radio, or watch it on the box (Sunday Times).

  • box
    folding carton orbox,
    a paperboard carton that can be folded flat.
    Ex. June shipments of folding cartons from manufacturing plants to packagers were above June a year ago (Wall Street Journal).

  • box
    noun a blow with the open hand or fist, especially on the ear or side of the head.
    Ex. She met the insolence of Essex with a box on the ear (John R. Green).
    (SYN) cuff, buffet.

  • box
    noun 1. a container, usually with four stiff sides, a bottom, and a lid, to pack or put things in.
    Ex. He packed the boxes full of books.
    (SYN) receptacle, carton.
    2. the amount that a box can hold; boxful.
    Ex. Strawberries at 9

  • box
    steam chest orbox
    the chamber through which the steam of an engine passes from the boiler to the cylinder.

  • box
    v.i. to fight with the fists, especially as a sport.
    Ex. To box ... was in those days a mere necessity of schoolboy life at public schools (Thomas De Quincey).
    (SYN) spar.

  • box
    v.t. 1. to pack in a box; put into a box.
    Ex. The farmers boxed the fruit before shipping it to market.
    2. to furnish or fit with a box, as the journal of an axle.
    3. to divide up (space in a theater) into boxes.
    4. to box-haul

  • box
    v.t. 1. to strike with such a blow.
    Ex. I will box your ears if you yell at me again.
    2. to fight (a person) with fists, especially in the sport of boxing.

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