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bag in English

  • bag
    adj. baglike.

  • bag
    bag, noun, verb, bagged,bagging.

  • bag
    crocus sack orbag
    a sack or bag made of crocus.

  • bag
    expr. bag and baggage, with all one's belongings; entirely.
    Ex. Farmers and their families were ordered from their homes and moved eastward, bag and baggage (Time).

  • bag
    expr. bags, (Informal.)
    a. (British.) trousers.
    b. plenty; more than enough.
    Ex. bags of room, bags of time.

  • bag
    expr. hold the bag, (U.S. Informal.)
    a. to take the blame or responsibility for something, unwillingly.
    Ex. There can be no doubt that dealers are nervous about being left holding the bag, in this instance a bag full of new automobiles (New

  • bag
    expr. in the bag, (Informal.) certain of success; sure.
    Ex. My greatest anxiety now is lest our own supporters should conclude that the election is 'in the bag' (London Times).

  • bag
    noun 1a. a container made of paper, cloth, plastic, or leather, that can be pulled together to close at the top.
    Ex. a flour bag. Fresh vegetables are sometimes sold in plastic bags.
    b. the amount that a bag holds; bagful.
    Ex. Mother b

  • bag
    v.i. 1. to hang loosely.
    Ex. The boy's pants bag at the knees.
    2. to bulge; swell.

  • bag
    v.t. 1. to cause to swell or bulge.
    Ex. Loss of sleep bagged his eyes and stooped his shoulders.
    2. to put into a bag or bags.
    Ex. We bagged the cookies in dozens to sell them.
    3. to kill, trap, or catch in hunting.
    Ex. Th

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