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woman in English

  • woman
    adj. 1. of a woman or women; feminine.
    2. female (used especially with designations of occupation or profession, and in the plural with a plural noun, now often considered somewhat offensive).
    Ex. a woman lawyer, women lawyers.

  • woman
    career girl orwoman
    a girl or woman who pursues an occupational career.

  • woman
    noun 1. a female human being. A woman is a girl grown up.
    2. women as a group; the average woman; womankind.
    Ex. The woman of today rarely has servants. When lovely woman stoops to folly (Oliver Goldsmith).
    3. woman's nature; womanlin

  • woman
    v.t. 1. to supply or staff with women.
    Ex. a hospital womanned by intelligent nurses.
    2. to call (a person) ""woman,"" especially derogatorily or jocularly.
    Ex. She was annoyed by his womanning her constantly.
    3. (Obsolete.) <

  • woman
    woman, noun, pl.women,adjective, verb, -anned,-anningor-aned,-aning.

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