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euchre in Hindi हिन्दी

euchre in English

  • euchre
    euchre, noun, verb, -chred,-chring.

  • euchre
    expr. euchre out of, (Informal.) to do out of by trickery.
    Ex. He was not disposed to accept second place from the men who four years before had euchred him out of first place (Wall Street Journal).

  • euchre
    noun 1. a simple card game for two, three, or four players, using the 32 (or 24) highest cards in the pack, in which the bowers are high trumps, and the object is to win a majority of the five tricks.
    2. the failure of the side making the trump in

  • euchre
    v.t. 1. to prevent (the side making the trump in this game) from winning three tricks.
    2. (Informal, Figurative.) to outwit; best.

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