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federal in Kashmiri कॉशुर

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federal in English

  • federal
    adj. 1. formed by an agreement of states or groups establishing a central organization to handle their common affairs while the states or groups keep separate control of local affairs.
    Ex. Switzerland and the United States both became nations by fe

  • Federal
    adj. 1. of or having to do with the central government of the United States, not of any state alone.
    Ex. a Federal office building. The Federal courts are managed by the national government.
    2a. of or having to do with the Federal Party. <

  • federal
    adv. federally.

  • federal
    federal, adjective, noun.

  • federal
    noun a supporter of federation or federalism.

  • Federal
    noun 1. a supporter or soldier of the Union during the Civil War.
    Ex. The front lines were close, and the Federals threw hand grenades into the Confederate works (ROTC Manual of American Military History).
    2. Federalist.

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