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federalist in Hindi हिन्दी

federalist in English

  • federalist
    adj. of or supporting federalism.

  • Federalist
    adj. of or supporting the Federalists.
    Ex. The congressional caucus developed out of semiofficial meetings held by the Federalist members of Congress (Ernst C. Meyer).

  • Federalist
    Federalist, noun, adjective.
    (U.S. History.)

  • federalist
    federalist, noun, adjective.

  • federalist
    noun a person who favors the federal principle of government.

  • Federalist
    noun 1. a member or supporter of the Federalist Party in the United States.
    2. a series of 85 essays by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, issued chiefly in 1787-1788 in support of the proposed Constitution of the United States.

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