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foul in English

  • foul
    adj. 1. containing filth; covered with filth; very dirty, nasty, or smelly.
    Ex. We opened the windows to let out the foul air.
    (SYN) soiled, polluted, unclean.
    2. very wicked; vile.
    Ex. a victim of foul play. Murder is a foul cr

  • foul
    adv. foully.

  • foul
    adv. 1. (Baseball.) so that it is foul.
    Ex. The line drive curved foul at the last minute.
    2. in a foul manner; foully; unfairly.

  • foul
    expr. foul out,
    a. (Baseball.) to be put out by hitting a ball that is caught on the fly outside the foul lines.
    Ex. Given a green light to swing at the 3-0 pitch with two out and two on in the eighth of the curtain-raiser, [he] fouled out (

  • foul
    expr. foul up, (U.S. Informal.) to make a mess of; bungle.
    Ex. This first operation in Giron went smoothly enough, but at the beach and on the water nearby the invasion was fouled up (Life).

  • foul
    expr. run (go or fall) foul of,
    a. to hit against and get tangled up with.
    Ex. Two of the transports, in tacking, ran foul of each other (George Anson).
    b. (Figurative.) to get into trouble or difficulties with.
    Ex. to run foul

  • foul
    foul, adjective, verb, noun, adverb.

  • foul
    noun foulness.

  • foul
    noun 1. (in football, baseball, horse racing, and other sports) a thing done contrary to the rules; an unfair play.
    Ex. However, a foul was claimed because in taking the lead in the stretch she swerved and bumped ... Gandharva, who finished second

  • foul
    v.i. 1. to become dirty; soil.
    2. to make a foul.
    Ex. The clumsy player fouls too much.
    3. (Baseball.) to hit a ball so that it falls outside the foul lines.
    4. to get tangled up; catch.
    Ex. The anchor fouled on the seawe

  • foul
    v.t. 1. to make dirty; soil; defile.
    Ex. Mud fouls things.
    2. (Figurative.) to dishonor; disgrace.
    Ex. a name fouled by misdeeds.
    3. to make a foul against.
    Ex. The short guard fouled his tall opponent in trying to block a

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