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frail in Maithili মৈথিলী

frail in Sindhi سنڌي

frail in Urdu اُردُو

frail in English

  • frail
    adv. frailly.

  • frail
    frail (1), adjective.
    1. slender and not very strong; weak.
    Ex. a frail and sickly child. These words ... seem too soon from a frail memory fallen away (R. Ellis).
    (SYN) delicate.
    2. easily broken, giving way, damaged, or destroy

  • frail
    frail (2), noun.
    1. a flexible basket made of rushes, used for packing figs, raisins, and other delicate produce.
    2. the quantity of figs, raisins, and other produce, packed in such a basket. A frail equals 30 to 75 pounds.

  • frail
    noun frailness.

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