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finger in English

  • finger
    adj. fingerless.

  • finger
    adj. fingerlike.

  • finger
    expr. burn one's fingers,
    a. to get into trouble by meddling.
    Ex. The busybody burns his own fingers (Samuel Palmer).
    b. to lose money through speculation.
    Ex. Gold shares on the Stock Exchange also fell back quite sharply after

  • finger
    expr. cross one's fingers,
    a. to put one finger over another to keep trouble away or when saying something but keeping back part of it.
    b. to try to soften or annul the act of uttering a lie (by this action).
    Ex. If he has done someth

  • finger
    expr. fingers, the hands (as the parts of the body with which work is done).
    Ex. fingers used to hard work.

  • finger
    expr. have a finger in the pie, (Informal.)
    a. to take part or have a share in doing something.
    Ex. Susie ... liked to have a finger in every pie (Henrietta Keddie).
    b. to meddle; interfere.
    Ex. Lusatia ... must needs ... have h

  • finger
    expr. keep (or have) one's fingers crossed, to curl one finger over another in the belief that this will ward off misfortune.
    Ex. The optimists in Washington will keep their fingers tightly crossed until the Moscow conversations have come down to t

  • finger
    expr. lift a finger, to make some effort, however slight.
    Ex. ""I've just this minute stopped worrying,"" she said, and folded her hands in her lap with the air of one who is not going to lift a finger (New Yorker).

  • finger
    expr. point the (or a) finger at, to single out for fault or blame; accuse.
    Ex. [The] leader of the Christian Democratic party's Bundestag delegation declared that other countries ""have no right to point the finger at us--we do not have a race pro

  • finger
    expr. pull one's finger out, (British Slang.) to stop obstructing some process or operation.
    Ex. If people will pull their fingers out over the Heathrow extension ... we can stay in the lead (London Times).

  • finger
    expr. put (or lay) a finger on, to touch; meddle with.
    Ex. He wished he'd ... never laid a finger on him to save his life (R.S. Hawker).

  • finger
    expr. put (or lay) one's finger on, to point out exactly.
    Ex. The doctor could not put his finger on the cause of the pain.

  • finger
    expr. put the finger on, (U.S. Slang.) to single out for slaying (by a gang).
    Ex. Once the finger was put on a mobster, his days were usually numbered.

  • finger
    expr. slip through one's fingers, to go by unnoticed or ignored, unheeded, or unused.
    Ex. It would be tragic if we let this opportunity slip through our fingers, because it would be gone for this century and for some years into the next (London Tim

  • finger
    expr. twist around (or round) one's (little) finger, to manage easily; control completely.
    Ex. Women may twist me round their fingers at their pleasure (Dickens).

  • finger
    finger, noun, verb.

  • finger
    noun fingerer.

  • finger
    noun 1. one of the five end parts of the hand, especially the four besides the thumb.
    Ex. My pen slips out of my fingers (William Cowper). God's fingers touched him and he slept (Tennyson).
    2. the part of a glove that covers a finger.

  • finger
    v.i. 1. to use the fingers in playing a musical instrument.
    2. to make vague grasping movements with the fingers.
    Ex. She flung her on her face, And fingered at the grass (Charles Kingsley).
    3. to touch or handle something with the fi

  • finger
    v.t. 1. to touch or handle with the fingers; use the fingers on.
    Ex. to finger a piece of cloth, to finger a gun.
    2a. to play upon (musical instruments) with the fingers.
    Ex. to finger the keys of a piano.
    b. to play (a passage

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