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lean in English

  • lean
    adj. 1a. with little or no fat; not fat; thin.
    Ex. a lean face, lean cattle, a lean and hungry stray dog.
    (SYN) spare, skinny, gaunt.
    b. containing little or no fat.
    Ex. lean meat.
    2. (Figurative.) producing little; poor

  • lean
    adv. leanly.

  • lean
    expr. lean on, (Slang.)
    a. to put pressure or coercion on.
    Ex. How hard does the Government lean on companies ... to influence their choice of computers? (London Times).
    b. (U.S.) to beat up.
    Ex. If anybody ever leaned on Kenny

  • lean
    expr. lean over backward. See under backward.

  • lean
    expr. on the lean, inclining; sloping.
    Ex. Leaden coffins piled thirty feet high, and all on the lean from their own immense weight (Peter Cunningham).

  • lean
    lean (1), verb, leanedor (especially British)leant,leaning,noun.

  • lean
    lean (2), adjective, noun, verb.

  • lean
    noun leanness.

  • lean
    noun meat with little fat.
    Ex. Jack Sprat could eat no fat; his wife could eat no lean (nursery rhyme).

  • lean
    noun the act or state of leaning; inclination.
    Ex. the cracked veranda with a tipsy lean (Whittier).

  • lean
    v.i. (Obsolete.) to become lean.

  • lean
    v.i. 1. to stand slanting, not upright; bend or incline in a particular direction.
    Ex. The small tree leaned over in the wind.
    (SYN) slant, slope.
    2. to rest sloping or slanting.
    Ex. Lean against me.
    3. (Figurative.) to d

  • lean
    v.t. to make lean.
    Ex. His long illness leaned his body.

  • lean
    v.t. 1. to set or put in a leaning position; prop.
    Ex. Lean the ladder against the wall until I am ready for it.
    2. to cause to bend or incline.

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