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  • novel
    expr. the novel, the branch of literature represented by such stories.
    Ex. The novel is about experience, and experience is always changing (Newsweek).

  • novel
    novel (1), adjective.
    of a new kind or nature; not known before; strange; new; unfamiliar.
    Ex. Flying gives people a novel sensation. Red snow is a novel idea to us.

  • novel
    novel (2), noun.
    1. a story with characters and a plot, long enough to fill one or more volumes. Novels are usually about people, scenes, and happenings such as might be met in real life.
    Ex. Only a novel ... only some work in which the most t

  • novel
    novel (3), noun.
    1. (in Roman law) a new decree or constitution supplementary to a code.
    2. (in civil law) a supplement to a law.

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