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obscure in English

  • obscure
    adj. 1. not clearly expressed; hard to understand.
    Ex. an obscure passage in a book.
    2. not expressing meaning clearly.
    Ex. an obscure style of writing. This obscure saying baffled him (Arnold Bennett).
    3a. not well known; attra

  • obscure
    adv. obscurely.

  • obscure
    noun obscureness.

  • obscure
    noun obscurer.

  • obscure
    noun obscurity; darkness.
    Ex. a ... feeling as though a palpable obscure had dimmed the face of things (Charles Lamb).

  • obscure
    obscure, adjective, -scurer,-scurest,verb, -scured,-scuring,noun.

  • obscure
    v.i. to conceal from knowledge.
    Ex. This language ... serves not to elucidate, but to disguise and obscure (John S. Mill).

  • obscure
    v.t. 1. to make obscure; hide from view; dim; darken.
    Ex. mountains obscured by mists. Clouds obscure the sun.
    (SYN) eclipse, conceal, shroud, veil, cloak, mask.
    2. to make dim or vague to the understanding.
    Ex. His difficult st

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