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peach in Urdu اُردُو

peach in English

  • peach
    adj. peachlike.

  • peach
    adj. yellowish-pink.

  • peach
    noun 1. a juicy, nearly round fruit of a yellowish-pink color, with downy skin, a sweet pulp, and a rough stone or pit. It is good to eat. Peaches are grown in temperate climates in many varieties. Peaches are called clingstones if the pulp sticks to the

  • peach
    peach (1), noun, adjective.

  • peach
    peach (2), intransitive verb.
    (Slang.) to give secret information; turn informer.
    Ex. No good was to be got by peaching on him (Henry Kingsley).

  • peach
    v.t. (Obsolete.) to impeach or indict.

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