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purl in Marathi मराठी

purl in Telugu తెలుగు

purl in English

  • purl
    noun 1. a purling motion or sound.
    2. the act of purling.

  • purl
    noun 1. an inversion of stitches in knitting, producing a ribbed appearance.
    2. a loop, or chain of small loops, along the edge of lace, braid, ribbon, or other material.
    3. a thread of twisted gold or silver wire, used for bordering and em

  • purl
    purl (1), verb, noun.

  • purl
    purl (2), verb, noun.

  • purl
    purl (3), noun.
    1. a medicated or spiced malt liquor.
    2. a mixture of hot beer with gin and sometimes also sugar and ginger.

  • purl
    v.i. 1. to flow with rippling motions and a murmuring sound.
    Ex. A shallow brook purls.
    2. to pass with a sound like this.
    Ex. The words ... purled out of Miss Foster's mouth like a bright spring out of moss (Arnold Bennett).

  • purl
    v.t., v.i. 1. to knit with inverted stitches by changing the yarn from one side of the needle to the other.
    2. to border (material) with small loops.
    3. (Archaic.) to embroider with gold or silver thread.

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