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  • set adj. 1a. fixed or appointed beforehand; established.
    Ex. a set time, set rules, a set speech.
    (SYN) determined, prescribed.
    b. prepared; ready.
    Ex. He is set to try again.
    2. fixed; rigid.
    Ex. a set smile.

  • set Cartesian product orset
    (Mathematics.) the set of all ordered pairs that can be formed by matching each member of one set with each member of a second set in turn.

  • set expr. all set, (Informal.) fully prepared; ready.
    Ex. She is all set to leave for Europe.

  • set expr. set about, to start work upon; begin.
    Ex. to set about one's business. Set about your washing.

  • set expr. set against,
    a. to make unfriendly toward; cause to be hostile.
    Ex. They set his friends against him.
    b. to balance; compare.
    Ex. Setting the probabilities of the story against the credit of the witnesses (Henry Brougham).

  • set expr. set apart, to reserve.
    Ex. set food apart for winter.

  • set expr. set aside,
    a. to put to one side.
    Ex. Set this aside, till I call for it (Jehan Palsgrave).
    b. to put by for later use; reserve.
    Ex. to set money aside for one's education.
    c. to discard, dismiss, or leave out; reje

  • set expr. set at, to attack.
    Ex. His enemies set at him from every side.

  • set expr. set back,
    a. to stop; hinder; check.
    Ex. All his efforts were set back.
    b. (U.S. Informal.) to cost (a person) so much.
    Ex. The new car set him back a lot of money.

  • set expr. set by, to put away for future use.
    Ex. She set by in the pantry what was left after meals.

  • set expr. set down,
    a. to deposit or let alight; put down.
    Ex. to set down a suitcase. The bus set him down near town.
    b. to put down in writing or printing.
    Ex. to set down a story.
    c. (Figurative.) to consider; regard. english

  • set expr. set forth,
    a. to make known; express; declare.
    Ex. to set forth one's opinions on a subject.
    b. to start to go.
    Ex. to set forth on a trip around the world.

  • set expr. set forward, to start to go; set out.
    Ex. He ... set forward at last in his own carriage (Jane Austen).

  • set expr. set in,
    a. to begin.
    Ex. Winter set in early.
    b. to blow or flow toward the shore.
    Ex. The current set in close to the shore.
    c. to sew in as a separate piece.
    Ex. The sleeves of her dress were set in and with

  • set expr. set loose, to release; let go; set free.
    Ex. The horses were set loose to graze in the fields.

  • set expr. set off,
    a. to cause to go off; explode.
    Ex. He set off the firecrackers.
    b. to start to go.
    Ex. to set off for home. Sir Robert set off on a week's tour of his new domain (Manchester Guardian Weekly).
    c. (Figurativ

  • set expr. set on,
    a. to attack.
    Ex. The dog set on him.
    b. to urge to attack.
    Ex. Prospero and Ariel setting them on (Shakespeare).

  • set expr. set out,
    a. to start to go.
    Ex. He set out to cross the river. They set out on the hike with plenty of water.
    b. to spread out to show, sell, or use.
    Ex. to set out a flag, to set out goods for sale.
    c. to plant.

  • set expr. set right,
    a. to restore to the right condition.
    Ex. It would set him right in their eyes (H. G. Wells).
    b. to correct.
    Ex. to set errors right. I ... found myself capable ofsetting him right as to many of his antiquated n

  • set expr. set to,
    a. to begin.
    Ex. to set to work.
    b. to begin fighting.
    Ex. The two boys set to.

  • set expr. set up,
    a. to build; erect.
    Ex. to set up a monument.
    b. to begin; start.
    Ex. He sold his business and set up a new one.
    c. to assemble.
    Ex. Flemish weavers set up their looms and taught the English to weave c

  • set expr. set upon, to fall upon a person or enemy without warning; attack.
    Ex. The marines were set upon by snipers (New York Times).

  • set noun 1a. a number of things belonging together; outfit.
    Ex. a set of dishes, a set of teeth, a set of furniture, a set of tools.
    (SYN) collection.
    b. a set of furniture.
    Ex. a dining-room set.
    c. a number of books by the

  • Set Set, noun.
    the ancient Egyptian god of evil, brother of Osiris. Set oppressed souls after death. He was represented as having an animal's head with a pointed snout. Also, Seth.

  • set set, verb, set,setting,adjective, noun.

  • set v.i. 1. to become fixed; become firm or hard.
    Ex. Jelly sets as it cools.
    2. to go down; sink; wane.
    Ex. The sun sets in the west. His power has begun to set.
    (SYN) decline.
    3. to have a direction; tend.
    Ex. The cur

  • set v.t. 1. to put in some place; put; place.
    Ex. to set a chair upright, to set a person on a throne, to set a lamp on the table. Set the box on its end.
    2a. to put in the right place, position, or condition for use; put in proper order; arrang

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