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savage in English

  • savage
    adj. 1. not civilized; barbarous.
    Ex. savage customs. Gaudy colors please a savage taste. ... the barriers, which had so long separated the savage and the civilized nations of the earth (Edward Gibbon).
    (SYN) primitive.
    2. fierce; cru

  • savage
    adv. savagely.

  • savage
    noun savageness.

  • savage
    noun 1. a member of a people in the lowest stage of development or civilization; uncivilized person.
    Ex. nations of savages ... barbarous and brutish to the last degree (Daniel Defoe).
    2. a fierce, brutal, or cruel person.
    Ex. Witness

  • savage
    savage, adjective, noun, verb, -aged,-aging.

  • savage
    v.t. 1. (of an animal) to attack viciously, especially with the teeth.
    2. to assail in a ferocious manner; subject to savage attack.
    Ex. The current vogue in satire ... is to savage every father figure in sight (Manchester Guardian)

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