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scout in Urdu اُردُو

scout in English

  • scout
    adv. scoutingly.

  • scout
    noun scouter.

  • scout
    noun 1a. a person sent to find out what the enemy is doing. A scout wears a uniform; a spy does not.
    b. a warship, airplane, or other thing used to find out what the enemy is doing.
    2. a person who is sent out to get information.

  • scout
    scout (1), noun, verb.

  • scout
    scout (2), transitive verb.
    to refuse to believe in; reject with scorn.
    Ex. He scouted the idea of a dog with two tails. A large, looming man, Wenning is alleged to have been a significant athlete at college ... although he scouts the idea (Ne

  • scout
    v.i. scoff.

  • scout
    v.i. to act as a scout; hunt around to find something.
    Ex. Go and scout for firewood for the picnic.

  • scout
    v.t. to observe or examine to get information; reconnoiter.

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