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simple in Bengali বাংলা

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simple in Urdu اُردُو

simple in English

  • simple
    adj. 1. easy to do, understand, use, solve, or the like.
    Ex. a simple problem, a simple explanation, a simple task. This book is in simple language.
    2. not divided into parts; not compound; single.
    Ex. a simple substance, a simple conc

  • simple
    noun simpleness.

  • simple
    noun 1. a foolish, stupid person.
    2. something unmixed or uncompounded.
    3. a medicine or food, composed of only one constituent.
    4. (Archaic.)
    a. a plant or herb used in medicine.
    Ex. Saphira read his medical library, ad

  • simple
    simple, adjective, -pler,-plest,noun.

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