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  • sir
    noun 1. a title of respect or honor used to a man. A boy calls an older man ""sir.""
    Ex. It's very kind of you, sir.
    2. Mr. or Master (often used in scorn, contempt, or indignation).
    Ex. You, sir, have no business here; get out.

  • SIR
    SIR(no periods),
    Submarine Intermediate Reactor (a nuclear reactor used in nuclear-powered submarines, utilizing liquid sodium metal as the heat exchanger).

  • sir
    sir, noun, verb, sirred,sirring.

  • Sir
    Sir, noun.
    1. a form of salutation in a letter addressed to a man. We begin business letters with ""Dear Sir.""
    2. the title of a knight or baronet.
    Ex. Sir Walter Scott.
    (Abbr:) Sr.
    3. a title of respect or honor, used to

  • sir
    v.t., v.i. to address as sir.
    Ex. You mustn't sir me (Graham Greene).

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