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stamp in English

  • stamp
    adj. stampless.

  • stamp
    expr. stamp out,
    a. to put out or extinguish by trampling or stamping.
    Ex. Stamp out the fire.
    b. to put an end to or suppress by force or vigorous measures.
    Ex. to stamp out a rebellion.

  • stamp
    noun 1. a small piece of paper with a sticky back, that is put on letters, papers, or parcels to show that a charge for mailing has been paid; postage stamp.
    2. a similar piece of paper given to customers as a bonus for patronizing a merchant, to

  • stamp
    stamp, noun, verb.

  • stamp
    v.i. 1. to bring down the foot forcibly, as in crushing or beating down something, for emphasis, or to express anger.
    Ex. He stamped on the spider.
    2. to walk with a heavy, pounding thread.
    Ex. The children stamped up the stairs.

  • stamp
    v.t. 1. to put postage on.
    Ex. to stamp a letter.
    2. to make a mark on; impress with an official stamp or mark.
    Ex. to stamp a deed. He stamped the papers with the date.
    3. to bring down (one's foot) with force on the ground, a

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